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To Gig or Not to Gig - that is the question?

I am currently reading, or listening via Audible, to The Gig Economy by Diane Mulcahy. I met Diane at dinner a few weeks ago. The invite list was carefully curated to include some seriously successful women – so serious that I thought for a second, what the heck am I doing here. 332 more words

Surviving As A Freelancer_The Gig Economy_Part 2

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Can you make money online?

If you have clicked through to read this, you are probably as keen to find a solution to the conundrum as I was. 2,581 more words

Joined Up Writing

Surviving As A Freelancer_The Gig Economy

Using The Gig Economy To Support Your Creative Work – Part 1

Riders In The Storm

2018 was a challenging year. Bittersweet you might say. 2,831 more words

We Ride Bikes

Cheap & Dirty

So, after writing this blog for however long its been, I think this is probably my first actually useful post.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a delivery from a bit of a shithole. 722 more words


Mileage vs Pie-leage

Back in July the Deliveroo gods started taking distance into account when calculating individual drop fees. Since then, the minimum drop fee is updated weekly (maybe I don’t actually know the regularity). 428 more words



Back on 7th June, one of my colleagues shared some news on Facebook. He had attended a “research session” with Deliveroo. Six days later, I was lucky enough to attend a “research session”. 565 more words

Work Life

My biggest fear about freelancing

As I’m feeling light-hearted and excited and so blissed out, I’m going to do something that might be kind of dumb. Or maybe it’s kind of smart. 633 more words