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Dear friends,

on my last post I talked about having projects and I have to tell you that I have a very hyperactive mind that goes everywhere. 235 more words


Underwater Photography 102: enhance your pictures with Gimp in 30 seconds!

Following my “Underwater photography 101” blog post which aim was to show the basic techniques to improve your underwater pictures, I want to give you more details on how to put the final “wow” touch. 685 more words

Scuba Gear

The best open-source alternatives to commercial and proprietary software - desktop edition

What is open-source or libre software?

Software is like food: to build it, you need a recipe and tools. Behind the magic that is happening when using your computer, there is a piece of code written in a specific language that is eventually transformed into a machine language your computer executes. 1,748 more words


Christmas With Pebbles

Pebbles said, “Take a picture of me looking at the tree like this.”

(Um, Underdaddy. Did you notice the BOO sticker still on the window from Halloween?) 225 more words


More of my Games

A couple more scribblings with The Gimp tonight. Do the lines in No. 1 not appear to shift and sway as you gaze at them?  46 more words


More Mediocrity

Been having fun playing with The Gimp, scribbling like a digital child and calling it art. Beats porn right? Could be why I’m a troll and a spammer. 67 more words