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Flower Passion

In some of my previous posts I have hinted at my love of nature. Spending time outdoors is good for everyone, especially on a nice sunny day in Autumn. 581 more words


The Glad Game

I have recently been overcome with the desire to read children’s fiction from my past. When I was growing up in the ’80s and ’90s the selection of YA wasn’t nearly as grand as it is today, but I still managed to find some great books that have stuck with me over the years. 405 more words


Happy Easter, ...it is what it is...

Easter in Australia is always a big long weekend when a lot of people take advantage of the last pleasant days before Winter sets in and go out for a camping trip. 989 more words

Autobiographic Stories

My Day of Awesomeness!

Good evening!

I have been having a…er…let’s just say…a challenging kind of week or two! This morning, I realized that I was walking on a slippery slope of wallowing in negativity, which then has the ability to create more negativity, you’ve heard the saying – you get what your mind stays focused on! 693 more words


Gratitude and Appreciation

My computer picked up a bug a couple of weeks ago. I am sure that a lot of you know the feelings of panic and despair that immediately surface as the realization sets in that you have to wipe the whole setup and go back to factory “scratch” mode. 766 more words

Autobiographic Stories

Valentines Day, considering a different way

“Did you get a bunch of red roses this morning?” was a question posed to me by a friend on the phone early today. Not that long ago this would have made me feel neglected, unloved and insecure for the reason that my significant loved one never buys me flowers or remembers special days. 506 more words

Autobiographic Stories