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The Microphones: The Glow Pt. 2

This one lived on my ipod in NY. It’s a great album for headphone listening. Still good on speakers, but it doesn’t grab me like it did then. 6 more words

Essential Albums: The Microphones- The Glow Pt. 2

In the midst of a harsh, snowy winter, there are few albums that reinforce the feeling of bitter coldness as well as The Glow Pt. 2. 129 more words

Essential Albums

The Microphones

January 25, 2013

95) The Microphones — The Glow Pt. 2 (The Glow Pt. 2) (2001)

The incredible production quality of The Glow Pt. 2 belies the fact that it was recorded on analog by a record store clerk outside Olympia, WA.   61 more words

fifty-one: "I felt your shape" by the microphones.

The Glow Pt. 2 came out on my birthday in 2001. It was my first introduction to The Microphones and a love for Phil Elvrum that would go on and on, even as he drifted between his original moniker, then Mount Eerie, and then back again. 539 more words