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The Godfather, or a Lesson in How to Act

The Godfather is an American classic that manages to cast men who do horrible things in an honorable light. We love the Corleones because though their business is crime, they aren’t into the drug business and hold family traditions sacred. 1,130 more words

What Does Music Do For You?

I’m a self-proclaimed movie nerd.  I love films, I’m a visual creature, and watching a really good movie, takes me somewhere, and I feel like I experience things.   310 more words


La famiglia

Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family.

Throwback Review: The Godfather

Eighth in a series of “throwback” posts. The Godfather is the movie that sparked my interest in criticism.  When I saw it, I went to the library and started reading volumes from the Contemporary Literary Criticism series.   416 more words

Movie Reviews

Watchlist: April, May and Possibly June

EEK! All these movies have me super excited to see them. However, realistically I know that they will be spread over a couple of months due to exams :( 618 more words


How-To: Writing Edition

Okay, so a struggle for many artists and students of art that I have met often meet a common struggle in doing research: the dreaded citations. 512 more words