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Little League, The Nutcracker, and the Loss of Childhood

By Paul Koch

Last Tuesday, I took my usual seat at the bar in the cantina where my brothers and I gather every week for the delights of Taco Tuesday. 994 more words


The Godfather, by Mario Puzo

 Though published in 1969, I first read it in 1972 after being captivated by the film.

When I found it all dusty on my library shelf, we became inseparable until its last page was read, like we had never met before.   277 more words

Warren Beatty's biscuits

Warren Beatty’s biscuits are brought to you by MICKEY ONE, successfully bringing you Warren Beatty’s biscuits since 1965.

It’s a fascinating piece. The opening sequence, which unfold like a really great fashion spread of the sixties, only with moving parts, had me convinced this was going to be great before the director credit. 758 more words


Where Do You Come From?

By Paul Koch

The Olympic games are an amazing spectacle. To be able to watch the best in the world compete on that grand stage is awesome. 1,435 more words


The Joy of Sex and Church

By Paul Koch

Last Monday was the eighteenth anniversary of the day my bride walked down the aisle with me, having just exchanged vows before God and a whole congregation of witnesses to begin our life together. 792 more words

Living Word


You may drive at your own pace along the coast to visit small hillside villages, inland along the Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe, or book a tour with any of the many Tourism Agencies in the city. 366 more words


"Pop Culture Holes": We All Have Them, Here Are Some of Mine

Can I be honest with you guys? I’ve never seen an entire episode of “Breaking Bad.” I’ve seen clips and moments but if someone were to ask me if I’ve actually sat down and watched it, I would have to honestly answer “no.” 505 more words