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Excerpts From “The Gods Must Be Crazy I”

“For the first time there was something that could not be shared because there was only one of it. 494 more words


The Gods Must Be Crazy: On Xixo, Wittgenstein, and Heidegger

After reading a paper written by a Norwegian fellow on Wittgenstein and Heidegger’s concept of world, I was reminded of two movies I have watched just recently, The Gods Must Be Crazy 2. 682 more words

Global Belly Laugh Day

Bet you didn’t know today is Global Belly Laugh Day. What a great idea! Click here for more information about the benefits of laughter and Global Belly Laugh Day.  100 more words

Movies, Books, And Other Forms Of Cheap Entertainment

I'm Not Religious--but I wrote this damn book

I’m not religious. But there is something big and wonderful going on out there…and no one can figure it out. Sure, there are the mystics and priests and prophets who claim they know. 531 more words

Vanity Cards

ABCs of Movies (D – G)

Welcome back, loyal readers (disloyal readers can report to the Pain Chamber for somatic reconditioning) to part two of my ongoing series, ABCs of Movies! Today we’ll talk about bullets, foxes, a guy in a loincloth, and Tom Cruise being repeatedly murdered. 1,174 more words

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The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Gods Must Be Crazy, 1980

This started out great and looked like it had real potential (the bottle landing on the kid’s head was hilarious) but once the other plot elements got introduced it wasn’t as captivating for me. 25 more words