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If Someone Came Back From Time

In The Test of the Twins by Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman (*spoilers ahead*) there is a frightening scene where Caramon Majere and Tasslehoff Burrfoot accidentally travel forward two years ahead of their own time. 1,336 more words


God by any name.

God by any name..

I spend too much time thinking about God. I spend too much time thinking in general. Does it really do much, if any good to think about God? 1,850 more words


Seraphiel Channeling: Earth Mission

The Chief God proclaimed to all of the celestial beings that the Angels would return at this time after the passing of Venus across the sun for She must first give her permission for the entrance into Earthly consciousness and she must come before as the Alpha before the Omega. 1,227 more words

The Bottomless Well

I recently discovered an article titled ‘Deep Polytheism’ by Morpheus Ravenna. I particularly liked what she has to say about religion done right feeling like a bottomless well and her suggestion that when we touch those depths we become part of the stories of our deities creating a shared story and future. 447 more words

The Gods


Hermóðr the Brave (Old Norse “war-spirit”, anglicized as Hermod) is a figure in Norse mythology, a son of the god Odin. He is often considered the messenger of the gods. 489 more words

Names of the Wind — Nick Hunt

ELSEWHERE – A JOURNAL OF PLACE recently featured a piece by Nick Hunt who’s book “Where the Wild Winds Are” (Nicholas Brealey Publishing) was published in September 2017. 919 more words


If you want to get “scientific”

I’m sick of the liberal fakenews media spouting all these lies about the eclipse. Even so called christian pastors are claiming it as a sign from god or the devil. 207 more words