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Deity of the Day for July 3rd is Khepri, The Egyptian God

Deity of the Day


Khepri (also spelled Khepera, Kheper, Khepra, Chepri) is a god in the ancient Egyptian religion.

Khepri was connected with the scarab beetle (kheprer), because the scarab rolls balls of dung across the ground, an act that the Egyptians saw as a symbol of the forces that move the sun across the sky. 225 more words

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WOTC Extra (b) - The Divine Masculine

The Divine Masculine

The feminine is not complete without the masculine; together, these energetic polarities form a whole. Before the re-emergence of Goddess-centered spirituality, only the male divinity’s face was present in most parts of the world. 130 more words

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Let's Talk Witch - Honoring and Invoking Deities

Honoring and Invoking Deities

Many witches believe that divine assistance is always available to you and that Gods and Goddesses gladly offer their guidance, help, and energy to humans to use for positive purposes. 287 more words

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Like Two Swans

” You are the moon and milk and pearl
You are sky and sea and soil
You are food and drink and breath…

-Elada mac Delbaed and Elerah, 2014… 1,652 more words


Quote about the gods

“Do you ever wonder at it? This whole thing where people construct their whole practice out of ancient mythology? It’s like they imagine that someone, some two thousand years ago (a little less) hit the pause button.

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Deity of the Day for June 30 is Helios

Deity of the Day


Helios (/ˈhiːli.ɒs/; Ancient Greek: Ἥλιος Hēlios; Latinized as Helius; Ἠέλιος in Homeric Greek) was the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology. 1,077 more words

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The Great Pulse II

The Great Pulse II

It’s been over a week

the mid-afternoon summer
dream came




You appear suddenly then
a mist, hand glazing… 45 more words