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Into the sea

Into the current
We threw ourselves
And with the sea we were swept
Past the lapping waves
And into open water
Unknown in its depth or breadth… 50 more words



Det välkänt påtvingade sveket mot Gudarna och Livet självt formade den mellantid och parantes vi fortfarande är kvar i, och är som de flesta vet eller anar så långt ställt från något önskat eller självvalt för folken som är tänkbart här i Odins ägda värld. 1,456 more words


Dedication to and Rumination on Lord Okeanos and Lady Tethys

Hail Okeanos!

I remember the days, as a new initiate, spending time hearing you

at night until four or five in the morning.

No one told me that your power could (and did) keep a person awake, 495 more words


Immanence and Transcendence - One

I have been pondering these two words in relation to spiritual beliefs and religious practise for some time off and on, now and then, here and there. 462 more words


I've added deity oil blends to my Etsy shop

I didn’t post about The Poseidon/Olokun Under-the-sea blend, nor the Yemaya/Poseidon Over-the-sea blend that went into my shop a couple of weeks ago. Hhhmmmm, I don’t thinkI even posted about the thee-as-deity focused blend, … 111 more words


In the beginning

Guarded away for generations,
Thought to be lost to the flame of time
But still alive
Still thriving
Reproducing clandestinely
The priests couldn’t kill the will of the people… 30 more words


Have you ever realized after the fact that maybe you just shouldn't be doing it anyway?

That’s how I feel about my career.  I have banged my head against a wall, struggled for so long, only to be denied at the last.  183 more words

Common Sense