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Beliefs that fascinate me  

Hades was the god of the underworld. He was known as the god of the dead and of wealth. Hades was the son of Cronos and brother of Zeus. 739 more words

An Unexpected Message

Growing up, April Fool’s Day was always a major holiday to my family. We would plot and plan for days, trying to come up with tricks for that day to play on my siblings and parents. 1,958 more words


1. Gifted - Unique - Unusual

You’re gifted. You’re unusual. You’re unique.

And you can’t get the gears of your life to come together in a way that causes the life energy within you to flow out, or stand up, in a way that honours who you are—how God has designed you—with what you long to possess, or accomplish, or express. 119 more words


Our Lady of Themyscira

There are people out there who worship superheroes.

I am not one of them.

But after having watched the new Wonder Woman movie, twice, one could almost…, 726 more words

Modern Life

Through the Veils of the Ancestors

            As the flavor of smoke and crackling leaves fills the air around my home, I listen to the silence. Halloween is here. I am witch enough to enjoy the secular nature of the holiday; mageia enough to remember with sadness and awe what this time of the year  means to many, myself included. 890 more words

The Gods