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The Ages of Man

Terrors wait through the sun-kissed sylvan days,

Still and unblinking while confident steps

Ringed with chatter and laughter pass blindly.

With steady purpose, they hold their calling – 120 more words


If only I could find my hating fire

Burning through the limbs that feared to exist

Looking out at the grey complacency,

Respectability’s smothering ash; 87 more words

The Columns at Karnak

He once used a ring
to prolong his erection,
and panicked, rock hard
and throbbing,
when it couldn’t be removed.

I thought of the columns… 62 more words


"The Gods Left Us" / Memorable Fancies #1575

[“…the no-longer of the gods who fled and the not-yet of what is to come.” – Heidegger]

Our priests tell us that our old gods left us because we were sinners and didn’t deserve their blessings. 13 more words


Oh, Poseidon...

The sorcerer explained to me that magic and time were fluid, like water.

He said those who honed their talents might someday touch the gods. 28 more words


Reason, revenge, magic;
The scissors, paper, stone of mankind.
Each prowling the lands to find
The triumph of their logic.

The ecstasy of change – 153 more words

Maybe (a prayer)

Maybe they danced,




Maybe they couldn’t stand the crowd and longed for the trip home.

Maybe they felt the pulsing energy around them and couldn’t tear themselves away. 246 more words

Modern Life