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Gods of Terrajae

Religion has a vast influence on the races of Terrajae with nine Patron Gods worshipped throughout the continent. Tsun, Lun, Tung, Tzee, Baws, Nah Dur, Riceros, Lupus and Fhilla make up the known Patron Gods of Terrajae. 167 more words

The Gods

Stories in Ageing

Where are the stories?
Death no longer sings
Through the hero’s throat.

From the padded cells
Of the Gods, grasping
Cruelty breaks free.

No more are we nursed… 258 more words

One True Way™ leaks in everywhere

One of the reasons many people turn to walk a different spiritual path than Christianity is because they balk at the way its tenets can be presented as the One True Way™, leaving no room for personal conversations with God about how to be of service to Them. 598 more words

Religious Work

Balanced Equation

feeling divided/
feeling squared²

but feelings aren’t facts.

maybe it’s all addition (+)
all multiplication (x)
all more than we can survive (∞)

maybe searching through all this living for some balanced equation is pointless… 50 more words


Split Types

the hunger of split types
when we phase towards shadow
baffled by the absence of light

wholeness in this mildewed paper
whole and whole again in the sun… 32 more words