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20. Tiesto

Origin – Breda, Netherlands

Worldwide Dance/Club hits – 11

Signature songs:

Dutch DJ Tiesto has been dwindling in the EDM game for over 20 years. 1,390 more words


Of Ducklings, Ganesh and Woodland Fires

Thursday the 9th of July was a strange and crazy day. My disastrous morning began with buying blu-tac to put up signs for a conference at work: signs I realised on arrival I hadn’t printed off. 1,117 more words

The Gods

Gods in the Shadows

In the bland megalopolitan light
where no shadow is by day or by night
be our shadow

So wrote the artist and poet David Jones in his prayer to ‘The Tutelar of the Place’.

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Brythonic Lore

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An offering for the gods in the shadows and of the depths against David Jones' 'bland megalopolitan light' from Heron. A piece whose paradoxes and dichotomies I shall be returning to frequently, for it contains much wisdom about the relationships between the worlds and the Brythonic gods.

Month of Written Devotion, Day 14: Understanding

Sometimes, I understand things the moment that they happen.

Sometimes, I understand things mere minutes after they happen.

Most times, it’s Him throwing up His hands and saying, “Finally! 301 more words


Mysticism as vocation in modern paganism

Lately, I’ve been feeling rather poignantly the relative uniqueness of my choice to make spirit-work and devotional mysticism the focus of, and force behind, my entire life. 1,616 more words

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I've recently been thinking about vocation within paganism and how rarely it is discussed. I was going to write a blog post about it, before a brief Google search revealed Dver at 'A Forest Door' had already done it. In this insightful article she discusses the difficulties of navigating the conflict between living a life of devotion to the gods and spirits and supporting oneself in a world where this work is neither valued nor accepted. I don't think it's easy to live a life of intense commitment in any religion. But the more established religions do have mystical traditions and people trained in dealing with those who experience such a calling and the spiritual crises that accompany them to talk to. Because paganism has never developed such systems of support we have only bemused, half-understanding family and friends. Are forced to go screaming to the gods and ancestors; the long-lived and the long-dead as they are the only ones who understand our loneliness and fury. I can't see a solution to this right now. All I can see is the unending pain of compromise.


‘You’re obliged to pretend respect for people and institutions you think absurd. You live attached in a cowardly fashion to moral and social conventions you despise, condemn, and know lack all foundation. 392 more words

Gwyn Ap Nudd

Deity of the Day for July 13 is Baldur, Norse God of Light

Deity of the Day

Baldur, Norse God of Light

Baldur was the son of Frigga and Odin, and the twin brother of Hod, or Hodur. Baldur’s name sometimes appears as Balder, or alternately Baldr. 281 more words

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