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Currently Reading: Talking to the Spirits - Personal Gnosis in Pagan Religion by Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera

I initially picked up this book as part of the research I was (am?) writing on godspouses. However, my readings have become more personal in nature, in the sense of equipping myself with qualities of Listening and discernment. 425 more words


Holly Bush

(This is just one type of Holly bush. There are a few different varieties.)

The holly was a deeply masculine symbol to the Celts, one that represented the God and his polarity with the Goddess. 132 more words


Deity of the Day for April 17th is Atlas

Deity of the Day


Atlas was one of the Titans, son of Iapetus and Clymene, and brother of Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius. During the Titanomachy, the War between the Titans and the Olympian gods, Atlas and his brother Menoetius sided with the Titans, while Prometheus and Epimetheus helped the Olympian gods. 220 more words

Daily Posts

Chapter 6: The Gods

Zeus looks down on the mortal world below as the Gods begin to gather in commissary.  His blue eyes flash a yellowish white glow as he looks down towards the people below. 2,579 more words


Flashback 2001Beltane

An example of a simple Beltane Altar

“Beltane honors the sacred marriage of the God and Goddess, whose union will produce the harvests to come. It also celebrates the start of summer in full bloom. 145 more words



My arrival is slow to wonder
initial disbelief
fading into silver-lined water
the mirror imprint
of Nith’s name a god in glass
becoming grey cloud… 43 more words



When I was a little kid, we had this book called “Mother and Daughter Stories” and it was exactly what it says on the tin: a bunch of stories about mothers and daughters and their bonds.   429 more words

The Year Of Renovation