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…it’s all around us.

Different people see different things as beautiful. Some people think perfection is beautiful, whilst other see imperfections as beauty. Some believe in the Golden Ratio, and some believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 153 more words

30/60/10: The Golden Ratio For Social Marketing

By: Ashton Bottini

When planning a social media content marketing strategy, it is confusing to understand what exactly is the right mix of content. Companies ask questions such as: How much of curated content should be shared? 708 more words

DNA Activation and The Golden Ratio (Phi)

We are here at the cusp of the Golden Age, the age of nature, where natural order will return to balance the Earth. The way of this natural order can be understood by applying a universal system called the Golden Ratio. 1,537 more words

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Phi, The Golden Ratio and Binaural beats.

Phi, the Golden Ratio (also known as the Golden Mean, the Divine Proportion, and more), is found in everything from geometry, art, and math to vibrational frequencies emitting from both earth and space.  282 more words

Law Of Attraction - Spirituality - Personal Quotes

Why Beauty is So Important

Source: TheMindUnleashed.com
Christina Sarich
February 23, 2017

You’ve heard of the halo effect, perhaps, that ascribes certain desirable traits to people who are attractive even if they don’t possess those traits, like kindness or intelligence. 704 more words


Illustrated Journal #6

The golden ratio is something that has been used by the best artists and architects throughout history and 69 more words


Phi, The Golden Ratio

Maths has a bad reputation as a school subject. Probably the most common complaint uttered in a maths class is that “I’m never going to use any of this!” 380 more words