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Cow rescued by some good Samaritans

This is the wonderful emotional story of Dudley the cow who was so badly injured that he had to put asleep soon if nothing happenes. 22 more words

Helping Others

156 "But who is this Really About?"

The lawyer is sincere–he gets that God’s law is basically love for God, your neighbor, and yourself. His answer completely ignores their rules.

But if that’s true…conviction suddenly brings clarity, and with it guilt, and the need to justify himself. 217 more words

Good And Evil

The Good Samaritan

In the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 10, Verses 25-37 Jesus is asked about loving your neighbor. In response Jesus defines who is a neighbor with this parable: 354 more words

Syrian Refugees

Car Mechanic invents Tool Saving Life of Thousands

what an amazing story and entrepeneurship. Mr. Odón a car Mechanic from Argentina invented a device that if extremely cheap to produce and extremely easy to use and help giving birth to babies. 50 more words