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Why I Love That Whole Corporate Confession Thing at Church

“When we confess and receive absolution together, we are reminded that none of our pathologies, neuroses, or sins, no matter how small or secret, affect only us.

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There Are Nights...

There are some nights that I stop and stare out the window at the front of my house and I wonder to myself, “How can I do this?” There are nights that I am frozen in fear and thinking I don’t have the skill set to do what I am training to do. 95 more words


Resurrection Eggs and The Gospel

Spring is here! The sun is shining. The weather is so beautiful I cannot help but want to be outside as much as possible every day because I know soon enough the temperature will be approaching 100 and we will not be able to last very long without being in the shade. 1,978 more words

Replaced with shields of brass.

The glory of Solomon’s kingdom was known throughout the earth. He was courted by kings and queens from all over the world. They came to see his glory and to hear of his famed wisdom. 890 more words


Who, Then, Is This One?

Who, then, is this one?

These are the words that the disciples asked when Jesus rebuked the storm.

In Matthew 16, Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do the people say the Son of Man is?” 3,447 more words


My Creative Christian Heroes

One of my passions is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ communicated to the world in creative ways. Just because we’re talking about God doesn’t mean we have to preach a sermon, standing in a pulpit, delivering a dry monologue, using Biblical terms that many people don’t understand. 1,023 more words


Matthew 8:28-34 ESV

Jesus Heals Two Men With Demons

“And when he came to the other side, to the country of the Gadarenes, two demon-possessed men met him, coming out of the tombs, so fierce that no one could pass that way.

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