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awn tawppuv the whirled @ LAND'S END WHACKAROONY

A nite or two ago, out peeeng in the yarrd, cigar in the other hand, the warm nite breeze stirring what’s left of my ever-diminishing hair, clothes scattered somewhere in the house, dogs snuffling about in the bushez nearby, i could FEEL the mesa. 452 more words

Little Park

It’s always a good idea to take a hike when the weathers right.  Today’s inspiration was not only the weather, but my happy dog hiker… 89 more words


snowier, coldier. NeckstYear almost, already

Greetings, sports fans.

Your humble editor/observer of whatever-it-is in what passes for his small corner of the yooniverse reflects and ruminates on various things. Fortunately, few, or no pixures of the aggravating stuff. 484 more words

post-ecliptic pre-memorial

Spurring, if knot in the (w)Rawkeez, then west of the ‘Keez, as the situation (Colorawdough is not always a ‘state’) degenerates into You-Taw.  Betty and Rosco and the dawgs hike mid-May up Coal Basin, off the west sighed (yes, some of these mountunz ‘sigh’) of the Grand Mesa. 508 more words