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Travel Planning: Asia in our sights

It’s mid-April and here in the northern hemisphere the calendar says it’s spring. One look out our windows here in Toronto, however, tells a whole different story. 1,119 more words


The Great Courses - The Early Middle Ages and Audible Lectures.

I’ve been exceptionally busy these past few weeks. Work is filled with new responsibilities, this is the third year of duty in Japan and I’m finding myself with ever increasing responsibilities. 318 more words


The First Wave Sweeps Across Europe (Quick Notes:5)

  • Sicily was uniquely positioned as a trading post. Because it was able to reach many major ports, it was also an instrumental locale in spreading the plague.
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The Black Death's Port of Entry (Quick Notes:4)

  • The First Contact of the Western European World and the Plague: in the middle ages, Italy was far from united; the peninsula was divided between many city states each with their own interests, militaries, and economies.
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Did Plague Really Cause the Black Death? (Quick Notes:3)

  • One theory about why the Black Death happened in the fourteenth century was that an area in China, in 1346, saw a large Black Rat population being forced to leave its home and bring them into contact with humans.
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The Epidemology of Plague (Quick Notes:2)

  • Peoples reaction to the plague were different: some gave themselves over to self-flagellation in an attempt to atone for whatever sin caused God to visit such death upon humanity.
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Investing in Yourself

Last week, I discussed the importance of mentors.  Finding and learning from mentors is simply an investment in yourself. This week, I want to provide other methods to beef up your investment competencies. 500 more words

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