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Long Shadows and the Dark Ages (Notes:33)

Tabletop gaming, anyone? Yes? Too bad! This is NOT what this series of notes is about.

(Today, we begin a new series of notes from my engagement with ‘The Early Middle Ages’ Great Course; it is hosted and narrated by professor Philip Daileader and spans some 24 lessons.) 1,016 more words

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Reviewing "King Arthur: History and Legend" Great Course

From its earliest days to our contemporary epoch, the Arthurian legend and its manifold characters, scenarios, and variations have truly stood the test of time. Today, it is not uncommon to see a plethora of commodities based off of the Arthurian legend—from Roundtable pizza to King Arthur’s flour—indicating that the legend has not only been maintained but commoditized. 594 more words

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The Scope of Chaucer's Work (Notes:2)

As the title suggests, this set of notes is concerned with the scope of Chaucer’s work, what range that he was able to communicate with his literary works. 868 more words

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King Arthur and the Great Courses

I just finished the course titled King Arthur: History and Legend published in 2015 by The Teaching Company as one of their Great Courses series. I thought I already knew the basic story/chronology of King Arthur and his knights, wife, court, and kingdom. 197 more words


Introduction to Chaucer's Life and World (Notes:1)

(Welcome to my first historical notation. Any post labeled “Note” is my annotation to one of The Learning Company’s “Great Courses” lecture series. Differentiation between different notations to different lecture series can be found by the tag which denotes what series each note belongs. 840 more words

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A Picture and Now a Tombstone! Riot at Ephesus and A Riot at Pompeii

Update 28 July 2018.  It was announced today that a 12 ft. long tombstone, in 7 registers!,  of a gladiator was discovered at Pompeii. 781 more words

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Emperor Worship at Herculaneum Part 2

In a previous post I shared some images and thoughts on what I believe is the only completely preserved building dedicated to the worship of Roman Emperors in the First Century A.D.  459 more words

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