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New Audible Find: The Great Courses

For such a long time, my eyes have been bothering me so I checked out the audiobooks on Audible.com. One of my first experiences wasn’t good. 142 more words

Critical Thinking

The Great Courses for a 9 Year Old

Not everyone may have heard of “The Great Courses.”  If you have not, you might want to look into it for your gifted child.  The Great Courses are a series of college-level audio or video courses produced by the Teaching Company.   401 more words

Discovering Pluto, ancient civilizations, Amy, and a rodeo

The well-named New Horizons space craft completed its three million mile, nine-year journey from Earth to Pluto this week. I enjoyed seeing the close-ups of the dwarf planet, and the smiling faces of the New Horizons NASA team. 466 more words


Finally! Evidence Based Nutrition!

It’s finally time to get rid of all the bullshit food fads out there and get acquainted with the science of nutrition. This is a fascinating series of lectures given by the renowned… 57 more words


It's Time for Some Creative Destruction in Education

Let’s talk about education, not in terms of how much it costs or who’s footing the bill. Let’s talk about education in terms of what it’s for, how it’s currently achieved and how it can be done better. 879 more words


Summer Learning—Had Me a Blast

Do you remember those first days of summer as a kid, when you no longer had to get up early for school? Remember how excited you were for the possibilities? 592 more words

Healthy Living

Mel's 5 Second Audiobook Review: Big History

Big History: The Big Bang, Life on Earth, and the Rise of Humanity (2008)
Written by: David Christian
Read by: David Christian

(Questions from Audible’s reviews form) 241 more words