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Why we're still in the era of clumsy foreign heels

Ludvig Borga, Yokozuna, The Great Khali, Rusev. The list of expressionless heel ‘imports’ is seemingly endless. Whether portrayed by a genuine national, a bulking graduate from the local wrestling school or a journeyman who has struggled to find that one gimmick that resonates, the villainous foreigner has remained a permanent fixture on wrestling rosters for decades. 213 more words


TNA in India with Great Khali

TNA keeps trusting their future on ex-WWE talents. TNA is on its worst time right now and shouldn’t keep digging their own grave like this. 782 more words


The Great Khali Will Be Touring With TNA, Because Of Course He Will

Just when you thought Impact Wrestling couldn’t rob the elephant graveyard of former WWE talent any more, they’ve stepped up and proved everyone wrong. The Great Khali, also known as Dalip Singh, is joining TNA in conjunction with their upcoming trip to India. 277 more words


Former WWE giant The Great Khali stars in hilarious ad for a cement company

7-foot-1 Dalip Singh Rana wrestled for years in the WWE as The Great Khali and was even a one-time World Heavyweight Champion, but his WWE contract expired last November has Khali hasn’t been seen in the ring since. 39 more words


Watch The Great Khali In An Indian Cement Commercial Or Have A Slightly Worse Day

When was the last time you saw a commercial for cement? Have you EVER seen a commercial for cement? Have you ever seen a commercial for cement starring THE GREAT KHALI? 178 more words