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The Great Migration: Part 2g, The Explore Updater

Explore is a searchable and filterable list of attractions, accommodation, restaurants, venues, events and associated things on our main consumer website.

As discussed in part 2a… 119 more words

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Book Review: This Is the Rope

What binds a family? Is it blood? Is it the parents? Is it the children? Is it the elders of the family? Is it shared experiences? 197 more words

Book Review

The Wildest Ride: A Wildebeest River Crossing in the Serengeti

“This is not at all like the shows on NatGeo,” my restless mind was thinking. “This is actually sort of….boring.”

We’re sitting in a beige, pop-top Toyota Land Cruiser in the midday African heat with four other people. 1,377 more words


The Great Migration: Part 2e, The Project Management System

This system – which desperately needs a better name, suggestions in the comments please – mostly acts as ‘glue’ between several others to allow centralised reporting and one place to find most of the information users need on a day-to-day basis. 62 more words

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The Great Migration: Part 2d, SharePoint

This is used to manage images related to the custom entities that feed Explore. Each record in CRM has a folder on SharePoint to hold its files and an iFrame allows users to view these in CRM.

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Obama administration fuels the fire of tribalism.

​Obama’s White House, with close to 100 days left in office is again redoubling its efforts to foment a race war. To make the Republican candidate appear racist ex post facto. 62 more words


Reaching The Destination

My time in Africa has been among the most amazing experiences of my life. To be up close and personal with so many animals, working with fascinating people from around the world, experiencing life in the bush, trekking through the jungle, and bumping along the way (literally) but knowing of a certainty that the outcome will be so worth it all! 679 more words