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The Great Wall

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After working as a producer on the critically acclaimed drama ‘Manchester By The Sea’ it would seem that Matt Damon is keeping his work schedule varied. 641 more words

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Review: The Great Wall (2017)

What was the reason for the construction of the Great Wall of China?  According to this week’s new release, The Great Wall, it was to keep out a hoard of monsters attempting to attack China and then the rest of the world!   920 more words


"The Great Wall"-Review:

Europen mercenaries on the hunt for black powder are thrust into the defense of The Great Wall of China against a horde of creatures.

Yimo Zhang captures some beautiful visuals here. 382 more words

The Great Wall of China

Pictures from the bus on the way to the Badaling Section of the Great Wall of China.

The Badaling Section of Great Wall of China and the surrounding area. 17 more words


The Great Wall | Movie Review | Matt Damon

Alternate history is fascinating – it takes condiments from the most significant events in recorded history and often provides an outrageous yet thought-provoking perspective to the cause of those events, integrating them with facts in such a manner that the events align perfectly with those well-known historical antecedents. 1,089 more words


China’s Great Wall

Like so much about China, The Great Wall is also the victim of myths that are not always true. Did you know that the history of the Great Wall of China started with fortifications built by various states during the Spring and Autumn (771 – 476 BC) and Warring States (475 – 221 BC) periods? 614 more words


Beijing, China: Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China

I landed in Beijing smoothly at 4.30am, where I rushed through the crowd to be one of the first through passport control. I was a little worried with how strict they can be. 1,940 more words