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Becoming One with The Wall

This week Pegman took us to the Great Wall of China. What a fascinating place! Thanks, K. Rawson, for leading us here.

A brave man, strong and wise, I was a soldier. 147 more words

What Pegman Saw

The Great Wall of China by Franz Kafka

The Great Wall of China, a short story, was written by Franz Kafka in 1917. As the famous biography goes, Kafka only found fame posthumously (few of his works were published during his lifetime). 861 more words


The Dragon's Head

Their campaign against Peking was succeeding, but General Hiroki Sato had to land his troops at Shanhai Pass, then march to the city to relieve the siege. 322 more words

Short Story

The Great Wall of China, Mutianyu, Beijing 

The Great Wall of China is a must. How and where are your variables but the matter stands; you must see the Great Wall. We took a tour to Mutianyu, which is a section of the wall that is less touristy and has been renovated in recent years. 254 more words


China 2018 - Beijing

Our all-too-short Chinese tour started with a 3:00 am hotel arrival in Beijing. Exhausted and excited, we squeezed quite a few tourist sights into the next three days but only saw the city from the windows of the bus: 391 more words

Up and At 'Em

Lately, it’s occurred to me
What a long, strange trip it’s been.
‘Truckin’- The Grateful Dead

“Doesn’t Dad weigh about,like ninety pounds now?”, my son Adam asked my daughter Rachelle from the outback in Australia where he has been working on a sheep ranch. 626 more words

Three hours on The Great Wall of China

Thank god for hiking poles. The section of wall we climbed had it all – slippery slopes of stone, rough and tumble bits of broken slab and long stairways of steps so tall that my knee touched my chin as I hauled my arse up them. 450 more words