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Weibo to Increase Censorship as it Faces Pressure from Chinese Regulators

Chance Miller reports: After facing intensifying pressure from Chinese regulators, Weibo announced this week that it has hired 1,000 “supervisors” whose primary responsibility will be to censor content on the social media platform. 136 more words


#38 Walk on the Great Wall of China

I don’t think I’ve ever done so many stairs in my life. I mean, I’m no stranger to stairs but damn, these are some challenging stairs. 259 more words

Ni-Hao Beijing

On a rainy afternoon late March, I received a phone call from my Dad. As always my heart fills with joy when I talk to him, but this time I got even more excited when he told me that our family trip this year was going to be across the world. 453 more words

This is an amazing story and a great piece for motivation.

#Motivation, Thankfulness And Positive Thoughts

Beijing, The Great Wall of China, Olympic Park - Day 15

I sprang from my tent at 4:45 a.m. as if I was 7 years old and it was Christmas Day. I wrapped myself in my sleeping bag and found a place where no one else was to watch the sunrise from the Great Wall of China and instead was greeted by what had to be yet another glimpse of heaven. 244 more words


Beijing, The Great Wall of China, Day 14

Join the masses at restored Badalang or hike up with a few handfuls of people and sleep on the Great Wall of China and watch the sunrise the next morning….hhhmmmm….that’s a tough one ;) I’ve slept on planes, trains and automobiles in castles, caves and tree houses and just about everywhere including in a broken down bunk bed during an earthquake so why not the Great Wall of China! 423 more words


The Great Wall of China

This wall was built to keep the Mongols out of China, unless you believe the Disney film Mulan in which case is was the Huns. Only the Huns were German. 48 more words