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(Photo: Jumping across the Great Wall of China)

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As you may have read in a previous blog I ended my TransMongolian Express trip in UlaanBaatar instead of Beijing as I did not have enough time. 3,977 more words

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The Great Wall


Starring global superstar Matt Damon and directed by one of the most breathtaking visual stylists of our time, Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers), Legendary’s The Great Wall tells the story of an elite force making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure. 380 more words

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The Great Wall (2016) 

European mercenaries searching for black powder become embroiled in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures. Starring Matt Damon. 274 more words



Hello my Angels… I find myself a little bored so why not go and take a tour of the world?  Through Google Earth I am able to visit anywhere I want to, especially the “New 7 Wonders of the World.”  I give you: 620 more words

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in China

The most populous nation on Earth, the world’s second largest country in terms of land area, and a land of incredible cultural, historical and archaeological riches, China is one of the world’s leading tourism destinations. 2,817 more words


Top 3 Tourist Attractions in China

Dating back to the 17th century, China has a rich cultural heritage and an intriguing political history. Being one of the oldest civilizations in the world on the rich basin of the Yellow River in the North China Plain, the Chinese culture offers a unique diversity which has a profound reflection in the virtues, etiquettes, and traditions of Asia. 315 more words