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Who Needs a Hero?

From costumed and animated characters to trusty wing-men and faithful friends, sidekicks take all shapes and forms. And while the levels of input differ substantially, it’s hard to imagine our heroes saving the day without the crucial assistance of their crucial assistants… 936 more words

Bruce Lee Family Plans New Film Biopic

EXCLUSIVE: Bruce Lee, who became pound for pound the best action hero Hollywood has ever produced even though he died at age 32 when he was just getting started, is such an iconic figure that when his daughter Shannon held meetings with prospective Chinese production partners on a biopic, she was told that when it came to revered Chinese cultural heroes, her father was right up there with Confucius. 854 more words


1967: Dick Tracy vs. spies

Producer William Dozier had a hit with 1966’s Batman television series and sold a second series with The Green Hornet, based on a radio show. So, in 1967, he tried to extend his streak with a pilot for a Dick Tracy series. 487 more words

The Other Spies

The Green Hornet - Invasion from Outer Space Parts One and Two

This episode aired in 1967. This is the version with Bruce Lee and Van Williams. Aliens invade from outer space? All in strange silver fire suits and large bubble like hoods except for the silent and sexy Vama dressed in a gold skin tight space suit and she has a shocking effect on everyone she points out. 425 more words

The Green Hornet

The Interview | Rate or Hate?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last six months or so, you could scarcely have missed the brazen brouhaha and international mud slinging provoked by a certain comedy starring… 1,011 more words


The Green Hornet (1940)

‘Miss Case, you’re positively psychic!’

Playboy Britt Reid inherits newspaper ‘The Daily Sentinel’ from his father, who crusaded for social reform and justice. Although initially reluctant, Britt follows in his father’s footsteps when a criminal syndicate try to take over the city. 674 more words

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