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The Acheulian Goddess and The Green Hornet

From an essay on pop culture and the Gods in Walking the Worlds.

When I first constructed an altar for the Acheulian Goddess, She gave me specific requests of what She wanted for her sacred space.One of her desires was an action figure of The Green Hornet of the 1966 TV show. 1,054 more words

Rerun Junkie- The Ghosts of Shows Past

This post features spoilers for the season 4 episode of NCIS: New Orleans, “Viral”, which aired October 24, 2017. Read at your own risk.

One of the interesting tics of being a rerun junkie is seeing the ghosts of episodes of shows long past in current shows. 662 more words

Rerun Junkie

Rerun Junkie--All of Your Favorites Are Problematic

One of my favorite episodes of The Monkees is called “Monkees Chow Mein”. The four guys inadvertently intercept a fortune cookie filled with top secret information at a Chinese restaurant. 610 more words

Bursting Bubbles

Another Challenge for the Green Hornet!

The Green Hornet TV show from 1966 is the best live action superhero TV show ever made. Every time I say this the response I get is “ 324 more words


Cult Cartoon Essentials: Batfink

Originally running from April 21st 1966 – October 4th 1967 (A total of 100 6 minute episodes were made), Batfink was a parody of Batman and The Green Hornet. 335 more words


133 Inconvenient Questions: Teen Titans, Trouble in Tokyo!

By this point, we’ve all had a chance to see the newest DC Universe animated movie, The Judas contract, the second movie in their reimagining of the Teen titans property. 5,103 more words

Inconvenient Questions!

The Green Hornet *** (Out of 4)

Consensus: “The Green Hornet” is a fairly fun, comic thrill ride. It is different from other super flicks as it merges the genre with a Seth Rogan comedy.

The Green Hornet