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Warren Byrom gets Native

This article originally appeared in the Kentucky Kernel.

By Matt Wickstrom

According to Warren Byrom, “You’ve got to change the world before the world starts changing you.” Byrom hopes to change the world with his latest record “Heavy Makes You Happy”, out August 13 and produced in partnership with Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Studios. 497 more words


The Green Lantern (2011)

Somewhere, out there, beyond our solar system, exist other planets, other galaxies, other races. For generations an elite group of superheroes, made up of representatives from these different civilisations, have guarded their worlds, and ours, from any evil which threatens the peace and stability of the universe. 955 more words


One Sentence Summary of The Green Lantern

So there’s this green stuff and this yellow stuff and the green stuff possesses a dude and the yellow stuff possesses a dude and the dude with the green stuff who happens to by Ryan Reynolds gets cool green powers and this hot chick and the dude with the yellow stuff just gets fat which is how we know the yellow stuff is bad, so the guy with the yellow stuff kills a senator because he’s pissed and fat and then we all find out that the yellow stuff is actually the evil yellow part of the universe which is controlling the fat yellow guy so it kills him off and tries to do evil yellow things but Ryan Reynold’s hot chick squeeze who isn’t a color and doesn’t even have any powers hacks the planet and scares away the bad yellow part of the universe, but then it’s back and then Ryan Reynolds discovers that he’s cool because he was… 48 more words