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Under 800: The Guard (2011)

I’ve well and truly run out of superlatives to describe Brendan Gleeson’s acting with, especially when it comes to his work with the McDonagh brothers. His role as the straight man in Martin McDonagh’s… 884 more words


The Guard - 32 Steps

Knox quietly worked at the rivets on the door lock.  His hands were large enough to wrestle a dragon but skillful like a surgeon.  His nimble fingers fail him this time and he drops the last broken rivet.   139 more words

Short Story

The Guard - À Votre Santé

Archer tumbled down the steep sandstone tunnel.  Before he came to a complete stop, the creature grabbed him by the forearms and dragged him backward into an open space littered with old, wooden crates.   178 more words


The Guard - Black Cat

Knox had been imprisoned for eleven years.  He sat up in his cot staring through the cell bars.  He became focused on the door lock, imagining he could shrink himself down so small as to stroll right out.   116 more words

Short Story

The Guard - Trapdoor

Guards come and go. Prisoners stay. Some stay for life.  So when L-wing reopened after thirty years, talk of the prison section being haunted spread faster than chills down a spine.   245 more words


The Guard - Thief of Souls

The inmate stared down at the pool of blood.  The building shook as if a low-flying airplane passed overhead.  Little white flakes of paint fell into the pool making it appear as some sort of melted strawberry shortcake ice cream.   115 more words


The Guard

Intro –

Imprisoned in an old chamber, the convict stares at the puddle.  His footsteps are masked from the dripping water.  He envisions the escape as he crosses streams of doubts dimly lit by the chesire moon.   68 more words