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The Guard

One from the achives this week. Taken on the Ffestiniog railway in Wales in 2007

I used a Canon S3 IS . Not bad for a grab shot.

Black And White Photography

War on Everyone: Vulgar, Smart, Random and More Vulgar

War on Everyone is a mean little thing that creates a world full of terrible people, horrible deaths and vulgar dialogue. Initially, it keeps you at a distance with its adherence to profanity but as it moves along you begin to the sync with the nastiness and it becomes a lot of fun. 391 more words

Films And Flix Special

The Guard

Twice already, the guard, against his will, has entertained the access requests of her new acquaintances – who reek of tobacco and sexual desperation – tonight. 967 more words

Short Stories

Iona - 01 Kalenial 1035

So… There have been a few… alterations to my current living conditions.

I suppose I should begin with mentioning that I am no longer employed by the Shit-Eating Brant and Wyne’s Criminal Paperwork Emporium. 1,085 more words

The Hollows

Kazimir - 30 Finial 1034

I’m worried.

Nika always says I’m such a worry-wart, but this time… There’s something terrible happening, and I’m not convinced it’s as straightforward as it seems. 522 more words

The Hollows

The Guard (2011)


Brendan Gleeson is a cheerfully corrupt Irish policeman somewhere in the West of Ireland, whose life gets a tad more difficult when drug smugglers led by Liam Cunningham start shifting around on his patch whilst annoyingly straight-arrow CIA man Don Cheadle turns up to help. 79 more words

Film Reviews

Chronicle of a death foretold

Is there an actor better than Brendan Gleeson when it comes to evoking the strange, rare combination of exasperation and sadness? Look at his filmography and you’ll find funny, poignant performances throughout, from… 1,226 more words