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Football (Or: Police and ADO Den Haag fans square off this Saturday)

Quick. Name one thing you do NOT mess with in the Netherlands.

…if you guessed football you would be correct.

In most if not all European countries, football is… 290 more words

The Hague

Flags at half staff (Or: MH17)

Marco and I had a date night tonight – we chose to go see Inside Out at the Pathé movie theater at the Buitenhof. But beforehand I snapped a picture of the flags at half staff at the Buitenhof, commemorating the one year anniversary of the… 11 more words

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Tram advertisements (Or: Anyone want to go to Scheveningen?)

As a side note I must say that I am proud to be able to spell Scheveningen without having to look it up. It definitely has to do with the weekly visits to Scheveningen to practice my Dutch with my taalcoach from  150 more words

The Hague

Huge pans (Or: Would you like paella with that?)

A while ago Marco and I were at DOK, a cooking store in The Hague. I could not resist taking a picture of this…

The tag read 120cm (about four feet). Yeesh!

The Hague

A busy weekend (Or: Events in The Hague)

This has been a very busy weekend in The Hague. Let’s see…

Friday: Shopping night in The Hague. I didn’t take any pictures myself, but the official website posted pictures up on… 220 more words

The Hague

A bit closer to home (Or: Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague, City hall in Gouda)

I still have some more Dublin photos to post but I wanted to take a quick break and post some pictures from places a bit closer to home. 79 more words

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Yet another try for Spuistraat 19-20a (Or: SoLow XXL)

Spuistraat 19-20a used to be a bookstore by the name of De Slegte. Many years ago, that is – Marco used to get his used textbooks there. 136 more words

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