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Tables outside Irodion, Greek restaurant (Or: Shadows and sunlight)

More and more tables are being set up outside in anticipation of the warming weather:

The best part is not having to grab the heavy winter jacket anymore! 32 more words

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Bus 72 in The Hague (Or: An outdated sign)

Just a sign I came across while wandering around The Hague:

Let op! spelende kinderen = Caution! Children playing

It looks like the kids spent their entire time outside throwing a ball at that particular sign, considering how dented it is… 57 more words

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Jamie Oliver is coming to The Hague (Well: His restaurant is coming...)

Last week while wandering around the city centre I saw an advertisement for a still-under-construction Jamie Oliver restaurant. It’s almost ready, having first been announced back in November of last year. 112 more words

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The stirrings of spring (Or: Flowers to photograph)

On Thursday evening Marco and I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful weather and walk outside after dinner. One thing that caught my eye was a beautiful bank of flowers that the city had placed around the ‘De Plaats’ plaza: 75 more words

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Coffee and apple pie (Or: Bagels & Beans)

I was looking through my phone recently and I came across a few photos that I had taken earlier in the year when Marco and I went to Bagels & Beans here in The Hague. 43 more words

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Picnic tables (Or: Springtime in The Hague)

Just an interesting photo I took of a picnic table outside Chinny, a small takeout restaurant that specialises in Suriname sandwiches. Haven’t been there yet, but I was in the area taking pictures of… 8 more words

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The best drinks in The Hague (Or: Little V)

Earlier in the month a friend and I went to Little V in The Hague. Delicious, as always! The best Vietnamese restaurant in the city, without question. 30 more words

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