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Always III

Lily Evans

Forgive me Severus, Perhaps you will,

Anguish in life and in death despair,

How great must this burden have been that you bear? 273 more words

Always – II

Into my arms like a dream she came

At long last, I feel her warm embrace

The emerald eyes that upon me gaze

Bear for me no contempt, Nor hate. 140 more words

Always - I

I gazed into his emerald eyes, as my life began to fade,

The scar across his forehead lies, a relic of that fateful day,

My vision blurs, and countenance fall… 133 more words

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Deluxe Edition [Monthly Book Design]

I’ve decided to do monthly posts featuring editions that I like of books I’ve come across or have bought over the years. Last month I did, 373 more words

The Book Loving Pharmacist

Four of My Favorite Books

New blogs are weird. Immediately there’s a thought in the back of your mind that you’re reading someone’s boredom. This could just be another person in who got 80% more ambitious than normal, started a free WordPress blog, wrote a post or two, and then completely forgot about the endeavor within three weeks. 893 more words

Hugo Awards

Review: The Half-Blood Prince

The Half-Blood Prince is without a doubt one of my least favorite books in this series. It takes 50-60% of the book for any action to really develop. 247 more words


Harry Potter re-readathon: The Half-Blood Prince

I am nearing the end of my nostalgic Harry Potter not-quite re-readathon posts (the actual not-quite re-readathon having taken place this time last year, cue whistling) and I am so happy about how excited I still get about these books (I wear my Ravenclaw jumper with pride – it is my favourite and I never want to take it off but… 552 more words