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Feeling Better? Tee Humours His Lordship...

“There is something to me very softening in the presence of a woman – some strange influence, even if one is not in love with them, – which I cannot at all account for, having no very high opinion of the sex. 73 more words

A Portrait

Tee Bylo Reunites Lord Byron with His Most 'Amiable Mamma' at 13 Piccadilly Terrace...

You must recollect however – that I know nothing of painting – & that I detest it – unless it reminds me of something I have seen or think it possible to see – for which I spit upon & abhor all the saints & subjects of one half the impostures I see in the churches & palaces… 299 more words

Lord B's Letters

'Dearest Annabella I Have Just Taken the Duchess of Devonshire's House'... The Letters of Lady Melbourne

Dst Annabella 

I have just taken the Dss of Devonshire’s House from next Sunday the 12th for one Year at 700¬£ – as Ld B wants Space I hope it will suit him – but after that, I am in rather a fright at what I have done – but all I can say, is, that I have not done it hastily… 260 more words

Anne Isabella Lady Noel Byron

Boatswain Warms By the Fire as Tee Bylo Makes Plans...

Dear Diary…

Yes, I am still here and I can guess what thought is uppermost in your mind right now as you read this!

For you’re probably thinking that I have forgotten all about the creation of my ‘Lord Byron House’ and have shaken the dust of the year 1815 from the soles of my feet as Lord B had hoped to when he sailed from our shores in the Spring of 1816 to a life of exile and even greater notoriety. 405 more words

A Portrait