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Movie Roundup, 10/7: M. Night Shyamalan - 'The Visit'

The Visit (dir. M. Night Shyamalan, 2015): I’ll give Shyamalan credit for The Sixth Sense, even though my favorite is probably the much-maligned Signs… 655 more words


The Visit

An actor acquaintance of mine (he had a small speaking role in “The Happening”) insists that M. Night Shyamalan is a very nice man, and I have no reason to doubt him. 456 more words


The Visit (2015) Review

M. Night Shyamalan has some great creative ideas. You can’t argue that most of his films come from a great central concept, be it a boy who can see dead people, a modern-day superhero or people randomly killing themselves one day. 634 more words


Staff Writer | Review: The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan just made a movie that doesn’t look like it outright sucks! I gots to see this!

He sat in the theater seat, popcorn and icee in hand— a total violation of his diet—waiting to see if the rumors are true. 1,149 more words


Review: The Visit

You’ve gotta give M. Night Shyamalan credit – here is a director who is bombarded with criticism over any movie in his filmography of the past fifteen years, and yet he still manages to keep his chin up and keep working in spite of it. 824 more words


The Very Worst Of - M. Night Shyamalan

Once hailed as the next Spielberg, M. Night Shyamalan took Hollywood by storm when he wrote and directed The Sixth Sense back in 1999 and rightfully so, The Sixth Sense was a film that showed that he truly was a gifted filmmaker. 646 more words

The Very Best Of

The Visit (Cinema Screening)

(spoiler free)

The Visit was actually the very first M. Night Shyamalan film I have seen, although his films are discussed so much by film fans that I feel like I have seen many of his other films. 489 more words

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