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Belum terlambat kan untuk menulis tentang tahun 2016, baru bisa nulis sekarang. Selamat datang 2016, dengan rencana-rencana baru. Tapi di tahun ini aku tidak memiliki cukup banyak perencanaan, seperti ditahun sebelumnya. 200 more words

The Happening

The Happening and Leviathan

Many people in the Alt. Right believe that there will be a point in time when a single or succession of catastrophic events will trigger the demise or at the very least the diminishing of the centralized power held by the US federal government; otherwise known as “The Happening.” The US national debt, 18 trillion dollars and rising, along with a stagnant economy, a bellicose Russia, unsustainable military engagements in the Middle East and civil and ethnic unrest within our own borders are all creating the conditions for a perfect storm, which in its wake will hypothetically leave the federal government decentralized and unable to adequately prevent balkanization and the partitioning of the US along ethnic lines. 1,076 more words


Can M. Night Shyamalan save his career?

These days it is very difficult to hear the name ‘M. Night Shyamalan’ without also hearing an adverse reaction. Whether this is because his well-documented series of flops were so appalling that they left a bad taste in our mouths, or because he entered film’s radar with glittering promise, is debatable. 655 more words


Climate change is the most boring doomsday villain ever

Since the dawn of civilization, we have been forewarned about about the downfall of humanity.

That idea has been heavily explored — and at times, even glorified — in literature, film and television in a number of ways. 438 more words

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Jessica Jones-A-Thon: AKA Take A Bloody Number

Jessica makes peace with Luke Cage, after he learns that Kilgrave isn’t a figment of her imagination.  We also get a little more information as to how Jones got her abilities. 146 more words


Rampin' Up for the Weekend: Nov 19-22

Hey, Birmingham! It’s time for another weekend filled with fun (and mostly FREE) activities! Be sure to check below to see where you need to be to enjoy great art, rockin’ music, opportunities to volunteer, and much more!   768 more words