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The Trouble With TV… You Are What You Watch!

We’ve all been guilty of mindless munching when sitting in front of the TV, but research from Yale University suggests that what you watch may impact how much you eat. 406 more words

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Reducing Cholesterol Doesn't Mean Living a Life of Deprivation

The doctor glances at your test results, “Hmmm,” he says with a note of concern. “Your cholesterol levels trouble me.” It’s at that point that thoughts of celery sticks, grapefruit and other equally uninspiring foods taunt your butter-loving palate.

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Untimely Allergy Season Underscores the Benefits of Testing

Are you far from being your usually healthy and chipper self?  Are your sinuses clogged and sore?  Are your eyes watering so it looks like you’ve been crying for days? 563 more words

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The Vaccine Controversy

Childhood vaccinations have been under intense scrutiny by the public over the past 2 decades.  Vaccines have been blamed for the rise in autism, neurological problems, cancer and even unexplained death. 471 more words

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Why Shoveling Snow Could Have Dire Consequences

An amazing thing happens in the winter when it snows. People who haven’t budged from their chair all year suddenly leap out of it, grab their shovels and head outdoors to shovel the snow off their steps and driveways and/or to tackle a huge icy berm. 416 more words

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Turns Out, Laughter Really Can Be The Best Medicine!

Give Laughter a Try this Holiday Season

The old saying that “Laughter is the Best Medicine” may be very true and during the holidays it’s an important saying to remember. 433 more words

Things You Can Do to Avoid the Holiday Flu!

Have you caught your annual holiday cold or flu yet? If not, here are a few suggestions on how to help yourself when you’re feeling awful. 468 more words

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