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Run So as to Win

The early morning is my favorite part of the day. As hard as that first step out of bed is, I’ve always been a morning person, ready to run and ready to conquer what lies before me in the next 24 hours. 457 more words

Will You be My Valentine?: What Real Love is All About

In my office, I have this Blessed Mother Theresa quote taped to the wall behind my computer. If this quote had eyes, it would stare at me every day; however, I wouldn’t say that I stare at this quote every day. 401 more words

New Posts from Terence's Corner

Here at Terence’s Corner we are keeping a fresh revolving group of artcles that we find interesting in our continual search to define and rediscover our Catholic Faith.   485 more words

Komen and Planned Parenthood’s Divorce: What have we lost?

*Mind the footnotes

Certainly you have heard the uproar about the Susan G. Komen foundation ending its donor relationship with Planned Parenthood. Both are non-profit organizations publicly committed to women’s health issues, and to advancements in screening and detection of cancers which disproportionately affect women. 725 more words


Whatever You Did for the Least; You Did for Me

Social work is a relatively new profession. It’s new not in practice per say, but in its identity as a “professional” profession. Since the field became a career choice (circa 1917) social workers have been those who create and facilitate social programs, advocate for social change, and work directly with individuals who are disadvantaged or oppressed for economic, social, or political reasons. 474 more words

A Whole New Meaning to "Taking a Knee"

Tim Tebow lives! Even if he couldn’t lead his Broncos past the Patriots; he still led the Broncos on a great run. On top of that, he was voted America’s favorite athlete by the ESPN Sports Poll. 377 more words