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Never Catch the Covert Look

I have been posting too many videos of ephemera these past few weeks. To rectify this: let me quote from Graham Greene’s The Heart of the Matter… 106 more words

Start Your Classics Journey Here

Whenever I’d have a conversation with someone about reading and mention it is one of my passions, they’d always ask about a favorite book.  Now when you combine this with a room of lit majors you’ll get the inevitable inquiry about the classics. 374 more words

Creative Writing


How can I not rethink about things if it’s affecting the most important matter to me -family, you? 👪👶🏻💗😮

A couple of years ago, when I heard the “whistle” (of opportunity) signaling me to start, I hurriedly leaped forward excitedly and purposefully to pursue the goal I always had in mind – to finally start the overdue/pending “journey” I was supposed to start years ago. 342 more words


A Story of Them (this is actually just a gist of their story)

Let me tell you a beautiful story of two beautiful people. The characters are my inspiration, their story has been my motivation.


He was just an ordinary boy born to a not-so-ordinary family, or so called by others as the “better-off” one. 2,014 more words

The HEART Of The Matter