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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, as they are more commonly known (pronounced “pee-ta”, just like pita pocket) are one of those organizations that people tend to have very strong feelings about.   579 more words

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Book Review: Heart to Start (2013) by Derek Handley

I first met Kiwi entrepreneur and social change-maker, Derek Handley, in the early 2000s when we were party-mad 20-somethings, downing champagne and mojitos (or Manhattans if you’re Derek) at Auckland’s Crow Bar. 829 more words

Book Reviews

It's not always carved in stone

Sometimes the answer doesn’t lie in that deep quote, that perfect meme, or in the words of another person at all. Sometimes the answer isn’t going to your friend, your sibling, your mom about what’s happening. 289 more words

The Heart Of The Matter

Chasing Unicorns

The last few days have been rough on me. I’ve been interacting (can’t actually call it dating as we only met twice) with a purple unicorn. 915 more words


But I Just Want to Be...

I’ve heard that as you get closer to 40 you gain a clarity unlike any you’ve ever experienced and it becomes even more pronounced with each decade that passes. 1,650 more words


The tears that burn your eyes...

Originally from September 23rd, 2014

Do you truly understand pain? Like TRULY understand pain? That time when you’re backed up against a wall, sliding down it, crumpled up in a ball… your whole body shaking from your own sobs… and you try to keep them quiet, but the pain is pressing against your chest and you need to release it in sounds of absolute agony… When someone comes along to see your pale face and red swollen eyes, and asks you if you’re okay, you open your mouth to answer honestly, but instead just settle with “I’m fine.” Some pain cannot be expressed in words. 534 more words

The Heart Of The Matter