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P Nelson has just started her journey in Erotic Romance this year with her debut novel Take My hand. The Rehabilitation of Master Dillon is a prequel novel to Take My Hand focusing on the character of Master Dillon. 2,475 more words

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10 Lessons I learnt in 2017.

Hey friends!

Wow! It’s seriously been long, but in my hush hush I was learning, growing, fighting some silent battles, rejoicing, falling, getting back up again, and my faith and hope being beaten upon but like a house built on the solid rock, the wind and storms blew and raged but I was able to stand!Praise God! 353 more words

The Heart Of The Matter

You don’t know me.  You don’t know me well.  You don’t know me well enough to know that I suffer every single day.

I don’t show it.  321 more words

The Heart Of The Matter

Never Catch the Covert Look

I have been posting too many videos of ephemera these past few weeks. To rectify this: let me quote from Graham Greene’s The Heart of the Matter… 106 more words

Start Your Classics Journey Here

Whenever I’d have a conversation with someone about reading and mention it is one of my passions, they’d always ask about a favorite book.  Now when you combine this with a room of lit majors you’ll get the inevitable inquiry about the classics. 374 more words

Creative Writing


How can I not rethink about things if it’s affecting the most important matter to me -family, you? 👪👶🏻💗😮

A couple of years ago, when I heard the “whistle” (of opportunity) signaling me to start, I hurriedly leaped forward excitedly and purposefully to pursue the goal I always had in mind – to finally start the overdue/pending “journey” I was supposed to start years ago. 342 more words


A Story of Them (this is actually just a gist of their story)

Let me tell you a beautiful story of two beautiful people. The characters are my inspiration, their story has been my motivation.


He was just an ordinary boy born to a not-so-ordinary family, or so called by others as the “better-off” one. 2,014 more words

The HEART Of The Matter