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Book #86: The Heart of the Matter

This book.

I don’t know what I expected coming into The Heart of the Matter. I’ve already read The Power and the Glory, which I currently have ranked 27 out of the 85 novels I’ve read so far, and I knew Graham Greene was an exceptional writer. 766 more words


In the Thick of Things: Of Graham Greene and the Gospels

“Father Rank clapped the cover of the diary to and said, furiously, ‘For goodness’ sake, Mrs. Scobie, don’t imagine you – or I – know a thing about God’s mercy'” (Greene).

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Read This Passage Before You Cheat On Your Spouse

Graham Greene, y’all. The man is such a brilliant writer.

I want to share one more passage with you before I wrap this book up soon and move on to the next one. 218 more words


The Spoon Theory: Depression

One of my closest friends asked me what depression is like. Just like that, out of nowhere. At the time, for just a few seconds, I couldn’t respond because I didn’t know what to say. 407 more words


One Powerful Quote About Forgiveness

As I’m working through Graham Greene’s famous novel, The Heart of the Matter, I’m reminded of how incredible a novelist this man was.

He might’ve been a bit of a creeper, but Greene could write. 212 more words