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Not Home Yet ...

I love Building 429’s song “Where I Belong.” If it comes on my radio, you can bet I’m belting out the refrain at the top of my lungs, not caring one bit who might be watching or listening. 1,072 more words

The Heart Of The Matter

define happiness

(For no specific reason, I remember Lola Can, my mother’s mother. I miss her much. My brothers and I grew up with her and our dearest uncle, tito Ipog at home. 459 more words


Grace, Grace, in Your Face

It takes about an hour and a half to drive from the city of Fort Collins, CO, to my family’s house in Littleton. But on that day in late August, it only took me a mere forty minutes, and I have no recollection of how I safely made my way home. 1,655 more words

The Heart Of The Matter

The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene

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Greene is interested in the paradoxes that arise from pushing Catholic doctrines or dogma to their extreme logical conclusions. 689 more words


Fueling Worship ...

I love my church. We have an extraordinary worship team, which leads us in wonderful contemporary praise songs and the occasional traditional hymn. I can easily recall moments when I have felt swept away by the music and the lyrics. 625 more words

The Heart Of The Matter

The Page that Changed My Writing Life

As writers, we all have that book, play, screenplay, short story, etc. that made us want to write.  You read it and your soul connects.  The words call you out of darkness and on the path to living a creative life.  887 more words


Hello World!


Lindsey here. I have been wanting to start a blog for over a year now but had no idea where to start or what to do, so, naturally, I did nothing. 178 more words

The Heart Of The Matter