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30-Day Song Challenge… 2015 edition.. Day 04

Day 4 – A song that reminds you of something sad

My goodness! Hahaha There are many songs that make me sad. Well, it depends upon the situation though. 596 more words


The Heirs

See, the thing with me and this drama is that I came for Min Hyuk, then stayed for Min Hyuk, Bo Na, Hyo Shin, and… 683 more words


Dorare - The Heirs

(♡) The Heirs  [상속자들]  ✔  8/10  © SBS 8 more words


Everyone needs somebody.

No circumstance is ever unbearable if you have someone beside or behind you, whether family, friend, or a special person.

Most important lesson I learned from watching The Heirs.


“As long as it works for you, that’s my reward.” -Madame Han

“Father has someone following me. You should be careful, too. Don’t do anything that will be a flaw.” -Won…

323 more words

Day 17: Favorite love triangle

The most recent one I remember aside from the love triangle/love square in Hogu’s Love (love the unexpected twist) is the one from The Heirs. 54 more words