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Daily Draw: The High Priestess (Angrboda)

Today’s draw is pretty in-your-face badass, and it’s calling on all of us to be that way too. In this deck by Raven Kaldera, the High Priestess is not a remote mystic, not a tidy and somewhat antiseptic visionary. 155 more words


Daily Draw: The High Priestess (rev), Angrboda

Today’s draw is the reversed High Priestess, the rune Sowelo, and the Scissors and the Arrow charms. Keep up with the process of removing that which no longer serves you in your environment, and keep this in mind: get help if you need it. 94 more words


Embrace/Release for WC 16/2/2015

What should I embrace this week? – The High Priestess
I am reminded by this card to listen to what my instincts tell me, while at the same time not over think a situation until that quiet inner voice cannot be heard. 106 more words

Weekly Reading

Ramalan Tarot Hari Ini : The High Priestess

Hai, ketemu lagi dan kita akan membahas Ramalan Tarot Hari Ini. Kelanjutan dari tulisan sebelumnya di http://ramalankartutarot.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/ramalan-kartu-tarot-hari-ini-the-devil/ dan serial Ramalan Kartu Tarot Hari Ini. Selamat membaca. 242 more words

Ramalan Kartu Tarot

II. The High Priestess

Number two in the Major Arcana is the High Priestess. This card is often used as the face of many Tarot decks because of the Priestess character’s role as a mystic. 421 more words


Daily Draw: II The High Priestess (Angrboda)

Today’s card is The High Priestess. The rune is Perthro, the well of the priestess, the sacred depths into which She looks and from which She drinks; the charms that fell today are The Crown, The Shark, and The Garden. 104 more words


Mercury Retrograde, Tarot's The Magician Reversed

There is much to know about Tarot’s the magician and the high priestess cards when Mercury goes retrograde.  Many would note a feeling of having their will stunted. 222 more words