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Seeking Judgment

The Major Arcana numbered 22 and sat upstage in twin crescent rows, numbering 11 each, at the head the court as judge and jury for the following trial. 1,562 more words


So, Look No Further

Every journey of trying to balance things in life, every creative process you go through in the name of love, awakens the sacred knowledge and wisdom within you. 13 more words



Its actually quite simple; I said Simple, not easy!

Silence the Body, silence the Mind and the Emotions. Even the Will to silence these things itself must be silenced! 17 more words


Blocked Business Goals

I have (had?) a copywriting business that I have just lost my passion for. I have a single client that I edit for, and I’m not too jazzed about that either. 1,034 more words


Daily Draw: Broken Wing and The Shield

This wounding you’re carrying is old. Very old. And it’s not just yours, it’s ancestral. I was thinking yesterday about my own inability to keep weight off–it’s a thing for me that I’m dealing with right now after a recent loss and regain of a big chunk of weight. 270 more words


The High Priestess of Planning

by Tony Willis             

A while ago a student of mine – I’ll call him Morton – inherited £30,000. The financial climate being unpredictable at the time, he didn’t know whether to spend the money or invest it. 647 more words

Tony Willis

Reflections on The High Priestess, and the Informative Power of Dreams

Ever since I moved back into the house where I grew up to take care of my mother, I’ve been having some of the most vivid—and unsettling—dreams that I can recall in quite some time; and most of them have revolved around the theme of “losing my way”—literally, “getting lost” in an airport, or a shopping mall or (last night) in a hotel/casino complex. 1,687 more words