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The Priestess Returns

Day twenty four of NaPoWriMo. For the first time, I seem to be behind schedule. Today’s prompt is to write a parody or satire on an existing poem or one of your own. 109 more words


Daily Draw: 9 of Wands, Groa

Today’s draw is about magic and boundaries. Here’s a hint: you’re a magical being. You are capable of tremendous things. Yes, you are. Stop arguing with me. 81 more words


The Tree of Life and The Starry Sky: The High Priestess

 Pixie Colman Smith- artist

II The High Priestess- Moon


She represents our soul, and our sense “Knowing”. She sits enthroned with Wisdom in her right hand. 489 more words


What does the High Priestess card mean?

Here is a pithy meaning for the High Priestess card:
Every question has two answers: a worldly one and a spiritual one.

This pithy meaning indicates that it is also important to consider these questions: 55 more words


The High Priestess: The Word Received

A solitary woman, a somber look on her face, stares at us from the stone slab throne on which she is seated. She appears to be in the inner sanctum of a house of worship, for a cross adorns her breast, and she holds a scroll marked “TORA” on her lap. 1,500 more words


What does the High Priestess mean?

Here is a pithy meaning for the High Priestess:
“As much can be said in silence as can be said with words.” — Unknown source… 57 more words


Contemplating the High Priestess

Sorry for being MIA these past few weeks.  March has proven to be a big month, with a new job, new projects, and some super big blog-related news that I’ll be blowing up the Internet with in just the next week or so (EEEEEEEE!!!!1!).   669 more words