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The Road Better Left Untaken

I love Crash but playing through the Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy reminded me of just how infuriating the original game could be. It requires much greater levels of precision and endurance than its successors, and there no level that typifies this more than “The High Road’. 527 more words


Am I Nice?

We all think we are a nice person, and when we act in an unloving way, we justify it by blaming the other person’s behavior. Sometimes we believe that by being “mean back” in those moments, we can teach them a lesson, or “inspire” them to change. 115 more words

Be The Change

Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Bad People!

Don’t be uncouth they said. Take the high road they said. You’re better than this, they said. The Empress understands. Empathy and compassion are important. Revenge is sweet only when your own hands are clean. 322 more words

The Empress Dammit

Co-Parenting With The Enemy

It was about 6 years ago that I was, on a daily basis, exchanging hateful emails with my older son’s father about the divorce and custody issues. 1,796 more words

Be The Change

Everyone Can Be a Winner (Even the "Losers")

The new audio book “The Book of Joy” about Desmund Tutu and the Dalai Lama (by Douglas Carlton) came out and I’ve been listening to it on my long commutes to and from work. 1,145 more words

Be The Change

the autist

the autist

my last post
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in hiding
a civil discourse
yet remains

wishful thought
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