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A Look Back, Quest Runs March 25 to 27

So, I have made it a personal mission now to do everything in my power to catch up in my backlog of blogs.  I’m currently about 70 blog posts behind where I should be :(.  733 more words

Playing Bad Cards

We are all dealt our own unique cards in life. Some people get a good hand. Some get a crappy hand. But in the end, when the game is over, we all end up in the same place (dead). 250 more words


Restitution : A Tale of Conjugation

This is going to start like any other cliché post about sapiosexuals and then taper off into the land of unknown fappage, of verb induced boners. 234 more words

Random Thoughts

Forgiveness is a Process

Forgiveness isn’t something you do. It’s a process you actually have to go through. Sometimes the process is short and can end with a simple “I’m sorry”, and sometimes it takes a long time. 52 more words


Two, Slightly Connected Thoughts.

“There are more quarrels smothered by just shutting your mouth, and holding it shut, than by all the wisdom in the world”.  Henry Ward Beecher… 58 more words

Gene Simmons

When Trusting Another Violates Trusting Yourself

After continued affairs, my sex addict husband would come back every time with remorse, regret, and even confidence that “this was the last time”. Every time I wanted to trust he was telling the truth. 730 more words

Be The Change

Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg Announce Tour

Everyone’s favorite stoners Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg will be joining forces once again this Summer on their upcoming The High Road tour, which was announced earlier today. 58 more words