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Government needs a multi-party system

Democrats. Republicans. Two strong candidates at the end of four years, duking it out in an election in which winner takes all.

Since 1776, this has been the template of American politics. 919 more words

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Americans can't use guns

Mental Illness. Faulty background checks for gun licensing. Unregistered rifles made easily accessible to the public.

Many Americans believe that these issues are at the heart of the United States’ current gun violence epidemic. 792 more words

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Apres Diem

I wanted lunch after running an errand, and managed to stumble upon this place. I had actually come into the plaza because I was going to my usual hangout, The Highlander. 106 more words


Dog-whistling prevails today

It would seem wrong for someone to describe entire groups of people with racist terms and to deny fault. But it happens all the time. 1,145 more words

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Democrats need to reassess campaign strategy

The Democrats are becoming too confident once again.

After their victories in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections from early November, many Democrats in office have expressed their feelings of a possible “comeback” in light of their defeat during the presidential election. 787 more words

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The Nature of My Posts

Sometimes people get offended by my motives. Sometimes they get upset when I make a post. There are some who I’m sure feel guilt or remorse over what has happened in their life and some who feel they can’t take it back. 904 more words

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