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StoneFist gig - The Highlander in Atlanta, GA

March 10, 2018 at The Highlander in Atlanta, GA

StoneFist gave the honor at The Highlander in Atlanta. This Atlanta based hard rock band consists of Barry Newsom on drums, Gordon Williams on guitar, John Dean on bass and Christopher Perkins on vocals. 143 more words


Apres Diem

I wanted lunch after running an errand, and managed to stumble upon this place. I had actually come into the plaza because I was going to my usual hangout, The Highlander. 106 more words


Democrats need to reassess campaign strategy

The Democrats are becoming too confident once again.

After their victories in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections from early November, many Democrats in office have expressed their feelings of a possible “comeback” in light of their defeat during the presidential election. 787 more words

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The Nature of My Posts

Sometimes people get offended by my motives. Sometimes they get upset when I make a post. There are some who I’m sure feel guilt or remorse over what has happened in their life and some who feel they can’t take it back. 904 more words

Love And Relationships

Filtering false news is ineffective

The election has been over for nine months, and people are still blaming Facebook for the enormous spread of false information that occured during that period. 744 more words

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Limiting third parties ensures safety

Chaos, violence, and extremism. This is what happens when radicals separate themselves from the political parties that sprouted them.

Extremists need to be monitored; their numbers need to be known; their leaders need to be accounted for. 699 more words

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Author Interview: Kasia Bacon

Hello! Welcome to PirateQueenRdz first ‘getting to know you’ author interview! I am so excited to be featuring new to me author Kasia Bacon. Her new book, The Highlander, releases 08/31/2017. 978 more words