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Meet Our Sponsors: Titans & Solarium

Kilik Lekvoda of Titans and Encaitaron Korobase of Solarium sponsor this year The Hill, the Faireland Kilik built as a homage to Tolkien’s The Shire.  984 more words

Fantasy Faire

On the Saturday morning of 4/29/17, I was watching on TV, a MSNBC rerun of the Rachel Maddow Show when the host stated that NBC’s reporter Andrea Mitchell has uncovered information proving that those in the White House were fully informed as to General Mike Flynn having worked on behalf of Turkey before he became the republican President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser. 543 more words


An Unexpected Find

I have found myself in many a perilous situation at this year’s Fantasy Faire, escaping contagions in San Mora, escaping Elves in Kakushi Pasu and escaping Inara Pey in Fairelands Junction. 257 more words

Faire Stories

The republican President Donald Trump is acting at top speed to roll back any progress made with climate change reforms established by our former democratic President Barack Obama. 987 more words


If you are going to call Trump Out... be right. (Or what Han, Yuan, Goguryeo, Joseon history may mean for silly headlines)

So The Hill misleadingly titled, South Korea to Trump: We’ve never been part of China. There is so much wrong with this headline and the things in it, I basically, to speak like someone ten years younger than me is supposedly going to speak like, “can’t even.” 1,062 more words