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The Hill (Part 9)

The end of every summer is always a time of mixed feelings and having had to spend what seemed like an indecent amount of this one away from bikes the short days just around the corner feel as if they were left behind the last time even more recently than normal but the heather is in flower, it’s a long weekend, the holiday roads will soon be quiet again, and it’s so good to be back on the bike whilst there’s still at least some fine weather and daylight after work rides left in the year the cool breeze over the moor just smells all the more sweet.


Liberia's Presidential Hopeful, Benino Urey's Campaign Threatens Editor for Publishing Editor's Note

The Editor of “The New Dispensation” an online newspaper in the United States has been threatened  by the campaign of a Liberia’s Presidential hopeful, Benoni Urey for lifting and publishing the Editor’s Note of  “The Hill”, U S Congress’s newspaper in which the Liberian businessman wrote an article on his vision for a new model relationship between his country and United States. 463 more words


Louisiana GOP Leader: I Was On Ashley Madison To Do ‘Opposition Research’

I can’t…it’s too early in the morning for this! 


The internet is abuzz right now with the fact that Ashley Madison, the site designed specifically to help people looking to cheat on their spouses find others looking to get up to similar mischief in secret, was… 442 more words

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