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The Turn of the Strongman

The political drama that was expected after the LDF victory, as a result of the rivalry between the two stalwarts of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), former Chief Minister V.S. 470 more words

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Inclusion Plus Development

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s conquest of Assam is momentous not only for its scale but also for the hopes that accompany it. Its first electoral win in the State was comprehensive: 86 out of 126 seats in Assembly, and a combined vote share of 41.5 per cent for the BJP-led alliance, numbers that suggest the verdict was more than a mere expression of anti-incumbency against 15 uninterrupted years of Congress rule. 424 more words

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Fishermen in Troubled Waters

To be in prison in one’s own country is itself a nerve-wracking ordeal. But imagine how much more agonising it must be to languish in another country’s prison, often endlessly, and for no fault or for minor transgressions, especially if the two countries in question happen to be India and Pakistan? 967 more words

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Rise of the Sophisticated Voter

We are fond of defining ‘political eras’ in India. There was the era of Congress dominance after Independence, when the Congress was broadly unchallenged in its rule. 1,278 more words

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Taking Stock, Two Years On

In broad terms, two features distinguish the social sector strategy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. First, it endeavours to make existing programmes more efficient by cutting leakages. 1,268 more words

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Spotlight: IFFK 2015

How far would you go to get a film made? Would you dare to put your life on the line? Why not, Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi would exclaim, we would imagine. 1,488 more words


Profile: Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna

Nostalgia is the dominant flavour of celebrity chef Vikas Khanna’s life and most of the memories that he longingly cherishes are of food. They come to him in different forms. 922 more words