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GSV Institutions List; A Colloquy Concerning Crewe Alexandra

Imagine a world where aspiring young footballers could be taken in as pimple faced teens with a tad bit of bum fluff on their chins and nurtured into complete and successful professional footballers with their airbrushed faces on billboards in countries they have never considered frequenting while they sip cocktails in Ibiza with their significant other, who just happens to be an aspiring supermodel… Well dear friend and reader, such a world does exist in the football realm; although many in our fraternity tend to behave as if young stars pop up at random like a cannabis plant and bring euphoria after being allowed the opportunity to light the scene up. 822 more words


Kit's Crit: The Historian (Elizabeth Kostova)

Elizabeth Kostova’s epic novel The Historian is a rich and unusual retelling of the Dracula myth.  The narrator is an unnamed professor’s daughter who embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets of her family’s history, only to find herself drawn into the dark world of vampires descending from Vlad the Impaler. 156 more words


What Happened To That Boi; The Momentous Misfortune Of Michael Johnson

Being the very vocal advocates for youth development that we are, we need to accept all the possible downsides to more and more people embracing the notion of investing in younger players and their development with the belief that this ideology will always afford the beautiful game a solid foundation for growth. 1,217 more words


The Third Chapter: Crossing that Halfway Point

When you’re wrapped up in a project, it’s difficult to see just how far you’ve come. For me, things are getting real now. I’ve written about 30 000 words, three chapters and several imprecise rants about various things, and it’s just starting to hit me that we’re in July, and I passed the halfway-mark somewhere, unnoticed and unrecognised. 625 more words


5 books that I wish had a sequel

Although every book written these days seems to turn into a full series, back when I started reading books it wasn’t uncommon for an author to have a single title to their name. 527 more words


For our own protection?

Admiral Michael Rogers will do his utmost to protect Americans from terrorism. But he would never want the price of security to be the basic liberties that Americans hold dear. 722 more words


The Unapparent Heir Apparent; Michael Masilo Modubi

Mzansi Diski can honestly state that she is unaccustomed to having her fledglings plucked from the nest at a tender young age and allowed to go out into the football realm and display their God given gifts without ever having graced her turf at the professional level; in 2003, she had three of her prodigal sons signed by English football club Chelsea F.C. 712 more words

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