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Please make contact.

An open letter to Bigfoots, Grays, Chupacabras, Men in Black, Merpeople and Unicorns:
Stop avoiding me.
I won’t kill you, dissect you, send you to a work camp at AREA 51, or take videos of you when you’re drunk that I can share on my You Tube channel. 372 more words

Goldberg Is Hosting A Reality Competition Show Called 'Knife Or Death'

Bill Goldberg is a man of many talents. Some of those talents include delivering countless spears and jackhammers to Jerry Lynn and Hugh Morrus, as Brandon Stroud has been lovingly cataloging in his… 369 more words


All the Queen's Men: A Sneak Peek into The Illusory

***Spoilers Ahead: Read At Your Own Risk***

Since dropping a sneak peek of Harlin from The Illusory at the end of last year, it would only be fair to show a peek of Skylar. 4,937 more words

Novels, Novellas, Narratives

The thoughts of a prospective purchaser of Dan Jones' The Templars....

I have been asked for an opinion about Dan Jones and the Templars, and so have delved around for an impression of Jones’ thoughts on the subject. 704 more words


Women VS Men

There are slightly more women in the world than men, and women live longer too. Most men are drawn to them, but generally find them hard to understand. 692 more words


Forged by Fire

In an age of reality television, few careers, fields and occupations are left out of Hollywood.  This inclusive environment has given bladesmiths a voice in the show Forged in Fire.  324 more words


2017 Best and Worst

2017 is coming to a close and like every good blogger, column writer, entertainment magazine, and every other yahoo with an opinion we would also like to write about some of our favorite pop culture of 2017, in list form of course. 3,278 more words

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