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Astrological Archetypes & The History Channel

Astrology is so much more than a person’s sun sign. Yet that’s usually about all the average person knows about it. Some may have a vague idea of the basic personality traits of those born under theirs and perhaps other signs. 1,075 more words

The American Dentist Who Drilled a Secret Message on Tojo's Dentures

This is from Mental Floss.

I heard about this on The History Channel.

After his country surrendered to the United States in 1945, former Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo had a pretty rough go of things. 758 more words

Film Grammar # 10 - Atlantis Found, The History Channel

Narrator: “Using the echo-sounding data, the team have been able to create a hugely detailed 3D map.”
No, the word “team” is singular. Like “group”, or “club”, or “collection”, or “cult”. 40 more words

Film Grammar

Drunk History vs. The History Channel

Thanks to Stephen Colbert and his rabid fan-base, the neo-emotivist doctrine of “Truthiness” is a real word, and has been for nearly a decade now. It has a definition, and here it is, according to… 1,625 more words


Craig Ferguson Finds an Unlikely New Home in Return to TV

Craig Ferguson’s The Late Late Show never did gangbusters ratings (does anything that’s on at 12:30am?), but he developed a group of fans that loved, loved,  152 more words


Television Tuesday :: HGTV vs. the History Channel in haiku


Person or people
Look for a home, rent or buy
Important life choice.

Or, person/people
Renovate buildings for use
Creating new “life.”

Person or people… 83 more words

Celebrity Ghost Hunters Premiere to Feature Ghost of Heath Ledger

HOLLYWOOD–The History Channel is set to premiere its highly anticipated new series, Celebrity Ghost Hunters, this week and the show’s creators promise it will be a start-studded event as the crew of paranormal investigators hunt the ghost of actor Heath Ledger. 247 more words