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Since I already posted a review this week for the Reclaiming Shilo Snow Book Tour and Scavenger Hunt, I’m going to do something a little fun on this February Friday. 884 more words


Tolkien Reading Day Guest Presentation: The Six Mortal Ringbearers

Hail Fellowship!

One month from tomorrow The New York Tolkien Conference returns with our Tolkien Reading Day/Spring 2018 event. Tolkien Reading Day is celebrated globally on March 25th and has been organized by The Tolkien Society since 2003. 466 more words


Played: Lego The Hobbit

You tend to know what you’re getting with Lego games. Though they have advanced somewhat since the early Star Wars days, they’re still just light-hearted collect-athons with an awful lot of content if you’re willing to pursue it. 453 more words


Thoughts on Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings Scores

If you’ve read many of my movie score-related posts, you may have noticed a particular series of scores absent. Those are Howard Shore’s music to… 551 more words

The Hobbit: Chapter 11, On the Doorstep Summary

In three days, they come to the meeting place with the ponies, past where the Long Lake meets with the Running River. Here the men leave the ponies and return, not wishing to stay anywhere near the mountain. 380 more words


The Hobbit: The Master

We don’t like the Master, and we’re not supposed to. He fears men. He keeps unpopular opinions to himself. His concern is money. But he is too slow on the uptake to make any definitive decision about the dwarves, and the decision is made for him. 108 more words


The Hobbit: Chapter 10, A Warm Welcome Summary

Bilbo, riding atop the barrels, comes into some flat land and finally spies the Lonely Mountain. He also learns that he and the dwarves, despite their misadventure, have probably come in the only safe way they could have, for the Forest Road no longer comes to a sure end, and it is no longer safe. 499 more words