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There And Back Again: The Hobbit Review

I think the way I feel about The Hobbit (and, frankly, Lord of the Rings) was best put by C.S. Lewis in a review… 920 more words

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Once More Unto The (Writing) Breach- November 2016

What I’ve Accomplished This Month

  • The Stars Are Fire– 53,602 words written

The first draft of The Stars Are Fire is complete! :D It needs a lot of research and a lot of editing before it’s ready for its debut, but this is the first year I have ever written “The End” on a novel that I started in November. 242 more words


Hobbiten og Smaug

Jeg fikk plutselig lyst til å se Hobbit-trilogien om igjen. Har ikke sett dem siden de gikk på kino. Ringenes Herre-trilogien er et fast adventsrituale (for Tolkien var katolikk, nemlig), og det er en fabelaktig trilogi. 1,653 more words


Why John Key, Resigning As Prime Minister Of New Zealand, Is Like Hugh Grant

I don’t know many prime ministers. Actually, just one, John Key, who has been prime minister of New Zealand since 2008. So I was chagrined to see that Key is planning to resign his post as of December 12, clearing the way for a succession vote, and capping the political career of… 505 more words

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Hugo Weaving was almost cast as Pennywise in 'IT' remake

Some interesting news has come to light today, as a source close to the production of the Andy Muschietti directed remake of Stephen King’s IT almost had a very different Pennywise. 204 more words

Dear Frodo Baggins,

Your story is confusing, something people debate all the time even today. Were you the hero? Did you succeed in your quest, or was your failure to destroy the ring part of a tragic allegory for human existence? 544 more words