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Theresa May And I

Theresa May And I: (The Reason Why)

Theresa May wants to change the way government officials (Won’t issue me with a passport) police, (Picked me up nearly every Sunday morning for years, and I’ve never broken the law in my life. 271 more words

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God's Music

God’s Music:

I was trying to explain to Esther on Facebook why most music is totally destructive, and not acceptable. The devils music.

This is the story as taught to me by God. 181 more words

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible. The integrity and importance of the Holy Christian Scriptures

Donald Elley of Bellingen to the great Christian evangelist Pastor Noel Gibson in his dying days: “What advice would you give a young man like me for his life.” 1,373 more words

The Blind Leading the Blind: Don't be fooled by "Miracle Healers"

I was going to comment on this later and over time but after stumbling upon this phenomenon that is sweeping across the Christian parts of Africa, I’ve decided to get into this now. 2,361 more words

Brendan Aurabolt

Why I Believe The Bible is Truth

…This is a quote by Albert Einstein I just happened to find on my Facebook feed earlier this summer. I will talk about this in much more detail in a separate blog post but it felt like a good quote for the tone of this post. 1,834 more words

Brendan Aurabolt

Mid-Week Motivator: Love is Not...Part IV

Most, if not all, people spend their lives asking the question, “What is love?” What does it look like? What should it feel like? Should it feel like anything? 1,120 more words


Archives Of Pain

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A truly brutal, horrific song which causes revulsion and has an atmosphere which any number of metal bands try their entire careers to generate and almost always fail. 138 more words

Manic Street Preachers