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What is the Holy Grail?

I recently part-watched a programme on one of the many TV channels called ‘Raiders of the Lost Past’.  The subject was none other than The Holy Grail.  475 more words

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Mechanic Discovers Holy Grail in Whitechapel

An East London mobile mechanic has made the astonishing claim that he has discovered the long-lost Holy Grail in the front garden of one of his customers. 275 more words

The Whitechapel Whelk

Guinevere’s Feisty Tale Continues in Nicole Evelina’s Second Novel Camelot’s Queen

Camelot’s Queen is Nicole Evelina’s new novel and the second in the Guinevere’s Tale Trilogy. Evelina’s first novel, Daughter of Destiny, introduced readers to a new version of Guinevere, focusing on a part of the story often ignored—her childhood and youth in the years prior to her meeting and marrying King Arthur. 692 more words

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The HOLY Grail

BARBADOS/THE WORLD.   People hide their money.  They hide their jewelry.  People put locks and alarms on their houses and vehicles.  People have deeds to their land and to their real or trust properties.   123 more words


Invention Origin Notebook - WIF Gadgets

Hidden Truths About

Historical Artifacts

and Inventions

When it comes to history, while there’s still some mystery to our past we tend to think we’ve got things pretty well figured out. 2,959 more words


Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) - Một Phim Hài Rẻ Tiền Và Láo Nhất Mọi Thời

Để miêu tả bộ phim hài Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) của nhóm hài đến từ Anh Quốc Monty Python trong vòng hai tính từ thì chắc chắn phải là rẻ tiền và láo. 1,538 more words

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Sword of Kahless (Review)

This February and March, we’re taking a look at the 1995 to 1996 season of Star Trek, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and  4,839 more words

Star Trek