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Fringe Focus Gives Us A Close Up Look At "The Desk Of Dr. Jones"

“It belongs in a museum!”

A couple of weeks ago we showed you the first print from the Fringe Focus “Famous Desks” series with an awesome print showing the workspace of… 370 more words


The 13th Insight.

The mist was dancing upon the frozen lawn outside. I was sitting on the couch, waiting for the bread in the oven to be done. A wonderful smell was filling the apartment. 43 more words

Evil always comes with a smile on its face

When you write it is because there are certain ideas and thoughts that obsess you and you find that all to often you are reworking familiar themes, no matter what the subject matter of the essay. 1,969 more words


The Four Holy Grail Spears

After finishing the book The Armageddon Conspiracy I have a renewed interest in The Grail Hallows and Grail lore.  It’s a fascinating complex web of interlocking stories that have encoded Gnostic messages for the ages.   847 more words

Esoteric Knowledge

Budgets Cuts Needed As We Will Soon Live Forever On Mars, Hockey Says

Treasurer Joe Hockey has insisted it is essential for the Senate to pass the Abbott government’s proposed budget cuts as humanity was on the verge of discovering the secret to Eternal Life and would soon begin colonising Mars. 244 more words


Week XIII – Open Act Two


Season 8, Episode 10 (Murdoch and the Temple of Death)

To start the season off on a high note, Murdoch Mysteries… 494 more words

Katy Pontificates

Anime Review - Fate Zero

I recently have gotten very interested in Type-Moon material, particularly the Fate series. Last review was on Fate Stay Night. Today, we’re going back to that world with its prequel-sequel: Fate Zero. 710 more words