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BARBADOS/THE WORLD.   People hide their money.  They hide their jewelry.  People put locks and alarms on their houses and vehicles.  People have deeds to their land and to their real or trust properties.   123 more words

Naked Departure

Invention Origin Notebook - WIF Gadgets

Hidden Truths About

Historical Artifacts

and Inventions

When it comes to history, while there’s still some mystery to our past we tend to think we’ve got things pretty well figured out. 2,959 more words


Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) - Một Phim Hài Rẻ Tiền Và Láo Nhất Mọi Thời

Để miêu tả bộ phim hài Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) của nhóm hài đến từ Anh Quốc Monty Python trong vòng hai tính từ thì chắc chắn phải là rẻ tiền và láo. 1,538 more words

Must Watch

From Russia with Love

Now, let’s be really honest here. Who doesn’t fancy being a Bond girl?!

All tanned and toned, you slowly emerge out of the water in the blistering sun, water pearls running down your oiled skin and you are very much aware of him, the picture of a man, staring right at you. 541 more words

The Holy Grail

Piano Solo, 'Follow the Gleam'

We used to sing this in my church, although the lyrics speak of the Holy Grail–a tradition which is not Biblical. But the concluding lines will work: 37 more words



Friday, November 27, 2015

Our apartment in Valencia is a short metro ride from the old part of town.  We bought four tickets to get us into town and home again.   926 more words

Historic Buildings