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Conscious Oneness with God

From РConscious Union with God

By Joel Goldsmith

Pgs. 229 & 230

Conscious Oneness with God Is Oneness with all Spiritual Being and Idea. 403 more words


Terry Gilliam is 75 today! Watch documentaries on Gilliam directed classics, Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Time Bandits, Brazil,The Adventures of Baron Muchausen and 12 Monkeys...

and unused Monty Python animated sketches!

“I just like the fact I can make a film which might give comfort to some people who think they are the only crazy person in the world and suddenly they see there are two crazy people in the world.” 48 more words


Films: A Pre-Cocktail Dose of Monty Python

At the end of the day, a dose of absurdity may help get you ready for the cocktail hour! From Monty Python’s Holy Grail – the absurd battle at the bridge. Enjoy!


Soul searching

How did I get here? How did my consciousness and awareness come to this point?

It is interesting to go back a bit and mention my old posts again, from two years ago. 665 more words

Know Thyself

The death of the Ego

I will pick up from the last note in my previous post.

Coming out from a major life crisis takes a while. In fact I don’t think you are ever to come out of it in one piece. 591 more words

Know Thyself

Finding peace in the midst of a crisis

I am officially back to my blog after 2 years of silence. God works in mysterious ways!

I went through all my previous posts and also published the last one which was left unfinished. 673 more words