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Juju Mysteries PT2

Chapter 2: The Initiation

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.  Proverbs 14:12… 3,816 more words


The Mixing of the Seed - Part Seven

In the previous instalment of this little series we looked at the final commandments of Yeshua before He left the church to grow for herself. If you would like a metaphor, we could say that the disciples were like 11 seedlings which had been nurtured nicely in the greenhouse, and were now ready to be planted out. 3,325 more words


Making prayer more personal

Praying for most people is very stale and not personal. Reciting words that don’t have any meaning. The way we can make our prayer life more lively is to recall our experience with God. 197 more words

Encouraging Words

Truths about the Holy Spirit.

Many people misunderstand what and who the Holy Spirit is. Few realize that we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit during Baptism (not Confirmation). Few recognize that the Holy Spirit is actually living within each of us (and cannot be removed), and His temple is our body (which is why we are to keep our temples clean and sinless). 1,099 more words

Catholic Online

What Makes Faith Strong, Powerful and Perfect

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

One of the most beautiful things in receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior, is the deposit of the Holy Spirit—that is, the very Spirit of God comes to abide or live within our being. 775 more words


What Does your Praise Look Like?

What does your praise look like? I know when we are in church during praise and worship we shouldn’t be thinking about anything but the Lord. 306 more words


Is God Ever Shy?

How can the Holy Spirit be Divine and yet be content to work in obscurity? From hovering over the waters at creation to filling Bezalel with creative skill, He seems leery of the spotlight and instead, content to turn it on Jesus and the Father. 452 more words