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My Bed at the Home (song)

When the world gets too loud
And overdemanding
There’s a place in my head
Where I find understanding
In my bed at the Home
Where I’ll someday be landing… 153 more words


Lad’s Lunch


A lad left his home with a lunch.

He hadn’t the slightest hunch,

That Jesus would break it,

That thousands would take it.

They’d never had such a “brunch.”

– eab, 3/3/05    (Joh 6.9)


Need re-programmed ?

Seems like you are “programmed” to complain? 

The Lord can re-program you (“while you wait” :) ) if, IF, you will let Him. 

In fact, He would love to.  10 more words


John Wesley - died


John Wesley died 3/2/1791 at London.  He was born 6/17/1703, Epworth, England, 15th child of Samuel & Susanna Wesley.  More importantly, he was born again (BTW after already be a disciplined man & after serving as a missionary) 5/24/1738, while listening to Luther’s preface to the Epistle to the Romans.  170 more words


The List: Updated 3/2/2015

Now that I am officially 1 room down in this house, I decided it was time to reference back to the list I made oh so long ago. 883 more words

Fabric Designer in-Profile: Julie Paterson, Owner of ClothFabric

Julie Paterson

The Bloom Collection.

Fabric Designer in-Profile: Julie Paterson, Owner of ClothFabric

Artist and textile designer Julie Paterson of ClothFabric may have grown up in England, but since she lives in the NSW Blue Mountains and her designs are so inspired by Australia’s landscapes, we’re claiming her as our own. 1,789 more words


"Good" > Better

You can be a “good” wife/husband,

a “good” parent and not be a Christian,

but when you become a Christian,

you will IMPROVE as a mate or a parent.

– eab,  7/29/13