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My favorite bib is an old napkin. They bubble up under the chin and can catch all those drippings. Not great for wet foods like soups because they leak through but works well for yogurt, porridge and dry food. 7 more words


Christmas home decor for newlyweds

Se viene la navidad y es hora de ponernos creativas! La decoración de la temporada más especial del año necesita tiempo y dedicación, así que pon manos a la obra con tu pareja y hagan de un fin de semana en familia divertido decorando. 557 more words

Wedding Blog

The DIY Projects

I’ve already written about all the things I wanted finished around our house by the end of October. Well, this is the list of the stuff that I would *like* done before I have the baby, but aren’t absolutely necessary. 1,332 more words

Falling Short

Three days after Christmas in 1999, I found out that my mom had died her in sleep. 1,024 more words


Creating a Lineage for Those Who Come After

Cultural appropriation has been very much in my face lately. Halloween was just a little over a week ago and there was a lot of talk about how Native American costumes are unacceptable and how wearing a feathered headdress is appropriating that culture. 1,043 more words


Christmas at home!


It’s that time of year again when we get to add all the decor, and go a bit overboard! It’s Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, I say that for a lot of reasons! 293 more words

Your Biggest Testimony

We are called by God to affect and effect the world. It is a very tedious task, as we are imperfect, immature, and downright selfish as it relates to our wants and desires. 282 more words