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DIY Pantry Update V

The end is near!! I swear it!!

The pantry is all built now, besides the doors, so we are just working on the finishing touches! That means wood filler, sanding, and staining! 159 more words


We got a new bed! It was an unexpected purchase though. Allow me to explain.

A year and a half ago, Dana and I went to Ikea. 275 more words

They All Stay

“Here” is the place for toys great, medium, or small,

“Here” is the arena for games of chance or of ball,

“Here” is the land for buildings spacious and tall, 119 more words


Daily Draw: Eight of Swords (Geirrod & Loki)

Today’s draw is about making choices that are necessary but not ideal. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, for whatever reason (love, money, survival), so do it. 207 more words


DIY Pantry Update IV

It’s coming along! It really really is! We were here at the last time that I left off.

We started adding the shelves now! They were tight enough that we could wedge them right in and they would stay put.  137 more words

Roloff Quote

“TV doesn’t go with holiness.

TV started with the devil and its still of the devil.”

- Lester Roloff

>> Doubt this? Do a serious search behind the founders of Hollywood. <<