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Task #8: A Funny Book – At Home

I was disappointed with this task, not because of the book itself (At Home was a phenomenal read) but because it didn’t fit well into the category. 825 more words




Plus gardening, Aretha Franklin blaring from my back pocket, bees a buzzing, kids not arguing quite so much and lots of washing out! 10 more words


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Not gonna lie….. This week sucks balls. A big mixture of a kitchen that smells for which I can’t fucking find the fucking source despite scrubbing the fuck out of it for 2 fuckingggg hours tonight (I even cleaned the fan for fucks sake!!!!), hospital call to delay eye surgery date, department of education head fuck regarding Big’s obscure one-of-a-kind combination of rare allergies that make it near impossible for him to mainstream school EVERRRR, interview with a private school (cos in my head there fancy and I figure if I’m gonna pay AU$15,000 a year for two of The Lot that they might be able to keep him alive-erer than public ones can!??), looming girly problems and investigation that have started my panic attacks again not to mention the random stabbing tummy and back aches and waves of wanting to pass out or vomit or both, lacklustre hospital results from a brutal fucking test that I subjected Little to that puts us right back at square one with her puzzling flat / sweaty / sleepy spells and a nevvvveverrrrrrr ending Big and Littlest civil war THAT IS MAKING ME WANT TO SHAKE THEMMMMMMM BOTH VIOLENTLY #ughhhhhhhhhh #ps #idnevershakethem #justfortherecord… 220 more words



On Saturday 13th June we replaced two of our windows – the windows in the house aren’t really in that bad of a state, however the two top floor windows at the front didn’t close properly and we thought it a bit risky to leave them and the noise made it harder to sleep at night. 285 more words

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A Beginner's Thoughts On Feng Shui

For the past year I have been playing with some basic principles of Feng Shui: creating altars and using the understanding that the guas serve as representations of specific areas of my life and if the energy is flowing freely in the gua, it will flow freely in my life. 380 more words

Creating Sanctuary Shifting Spirit

Goody New Shoes

By reasonable reckoning I get to its being 26 years since I bought my last DM shoes. (29 years ago yesterday, it was – while we’re at it – the release of The Smiths’ … 32 more words

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DIY Bench Part IV

Ready for Step 4?!?!

Time to put some legs on a bench!

I propped my seat up on my kitchen chairs and I went to work screwing in some 1x4s for legs. 146 more words