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The temperature today

  • There is something so wonderfully comforting about a cup of coffee with gigantic digestives. Or, gigantic digestives with a cup of tea. Just gigantic digestives, actually.
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In the right now ordinary.

“I think those women are checking you out again,” Jeremy had a wry grin on his face, refusing to let me off the hook for how “CUTE!” the women at the bar had insisted I looked tonight. 950 more words

Day To Day

Fried Rice (Hold the Rice)

First, a confession. I like carbs and fat…. pretty much any gluten, flour, processed carb. You know, pasta, breads, pastries. And I really can’t think of a fatty product I don’t like. 871 more words

The Home

Mom was right.

It’s about 10:00 am, and while I’ve been out of bed since about 5:30 am, I am not yet dressed, and that’s my breakfast in the Ninja cup on the table.  794 more words

Keeping the doctor away.

I learned how to do some home canning several years ago when I lived in south Georgia and had access to what is, I suppose, the breadbasket of the state.  1,582 more words




Þegar ég var ólétt og með bullandi hreiðursgerð að undirbúa barnaherbergið fyrir Andrés Elí, aftur á móti erum við ekki komin með herbergi fyrir hann enn heldur meira svona “barnahorn” sem við gerðum tilbúið fyrir hann! 371 more words


Amazing and Simple Cinnamon Rolls

I have never necessarily “craved” cinnamon rolls until a trip to my sister’s in Tampa. We happened to go to a local mom and pop cafe’ to grab a quick bite before a day out.  635 more words

The Home