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THEATRE REVIEW: No Man's Land starring Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart


WHERE: Wyndhams Theatre

WHEN: 21/9, runs to 17/12

Never has there been a play in the history of theatre where we’ve disagreed so intently with our companion for the evening about their interpretation of it. 319 more words


Chapter 13: Strong arm

Shantamma’s warm smile greeted her at the door as she walked in at 11 that night after a long day. Her feet were sore from wearing heels all day long, her back stiff and aching. 2,528 more words


Chapter 12: Fortuity

The morning was spent walking across streets that smelled of nostalgia and little shops that sold all things pretty and mundane. Khushi indulged herself like a kid in candy shop with a lottery ticket. 2,045 more words

The Homecoming

the ongoing fight at nine months and counting.

I just spent two hours writing this on FB… sharing here as well cos you guys too, have been nothing short of awesome.

Overheard Mum telling Eldest Bro on Monday, … 508 more words

The Write Stuff

"there is a certain timing and purpose attached to each circumstance that you face in life."

If I’m to be very honest –

this means I’ve to be very honest with my pain.

And if it means I’ve to be very honest with my pain – 82 more words

Life In Moments

(what it's like to question Love)

I’ll be vey honest: two questions have been heavy on my mind for two weeks now, since news came out that three of my closest friends here in Miri are moving back to KL; two are relocating to the KL office while the third is switching companies. 843 more words

Life In Moments

Chapter 10: Elusion

The rush of desire and frenzied felicity dropped along with the elevation as they descended the hills in quietude. Their kiss ended just as wordlessly as it had begun, the air around them brittle enough to crack with a single utterance. 2,621 more words