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The Onionsoul Edition: #1033.

One more, just because. My sister, I swear, eats my heart alive.

She wrote this on May 1, 2012:

There’s a very big human flaw when it comes to making decisions you suddenly cannot bear to live a few months – even years – down the road.

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Heart Talks

"Every little girl, at some point, has to grow up and become a big girl."

Having confessed to needing to change my narratives, I’ll also confess the reason I’m still all over the place, emotionally and mentally, about being home. I write this in my new room that I acknowledge as my (new) room yet not, in a house I grew up in – the only physical home I’ve known before home morphs itself into a concept – surrounded by family members who are out to love and kill each other depending on the weather and mood and flurry of activities of the day. 563 more words

Life In Moments

The Onionsoul Edition: #936.

I chose this piece because I think it speaks about the state I am in right now — there’s a serious need to change my narratives, or rather, to change the tone and direction of my narratives. 200 more words

Random Musing

IAmIsigo And I'm Killing It

I don’t know if there are any words to describe the subject of today’s post. This one is a mix of creativity and good finishes. On Saturday night after battling male chauvinism and sustaining wounds in the process (check that out here,) I I had the pleasure of attending the soft opening of IAmIsigo’s AW 15/16 collection and store opening. 541 more words


The Police Is Not Your Friend

So yesterday afternoon, I found myself at the police station. Yup, you read that right and I say I found myself there because when I woke up in the morning, all I had planned to do was take a simple trip to the bank to obtain my BVN -Bank Verification Number. 730 more words


morning conversations: the aftermath.

The other day I cried.

Sometimes I backtrack to that Friday morning, trying to recall what happened and why. Trying to make sense of something that I really need not recollect. 492 more words

Life In Moments

The Onionsoul Edition: #974.

It is 1 AM right now where I am, as I am typing this. I seem to have lost count of the PST time zone relative to Malaysian time and this little fact, trivial that it is, shreds my insides a little. 494 more words

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