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(the struggles we don't talk about)

“Sometimes, when I look back at my time at Stanford, I realized it was such a precious and meaningful time. I wish I understood this back then and therefore relaxed some; I struggled so much with my insecurities, never feeling good or smart enough because I was constantly surrounded by so many smart people.

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Life In Moments

women of today, raised by fathers who dreamed of tomorrow.

Sunday write-ups:

Late last night at an old friend’s house while waiting for my family to pick me up after the wedding, I chatted briefly with her dad (who is truly all kinds of wonderful).

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Life In Moments

“What are you grateful for today?”

Last Friday night:

Days and moments – like tonight – when I think I am a difficult and undeserving-of-love kind of person:

I am always grateful for Dad i.e.

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Life In Moments

Chapter 21: Promises

“I thought this was a kitchen garden.” said Khushi as she fumbled with the shovel.

“It is.” he said, his attention focussed on rooting the mint sprig. 2,762 more words

The Homecoming


I think I generally think too much about useless things which only end up bogging me down (Eldest Sis: “Your problem is you internalize too much!” 256 more words

Life In Moments

Chapter 19: Into the Night 

6 months ago

Khushi found the silence chaotic and the quiet murmurs stifling as the hallway stood before her like a thin line between hope and despair. 1,182 more words

The Homecoming

Chapter 18: Anchor

“I refuse to settle for less than what I deserve.” 

His words echoed in her head like the ghosts that haunted her in her dreams. It was an ultimatum, a plea; he’d spoken the truth without mincing words, without carefully cushioning them so their jagged edges wouldn’t pierce her. 3,050 more words

The Homecoming