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Learning from Everyday Saints

“As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another”  Proverbs 27:17

As Spiritual Gifts Coordinator for our church, I have the privilege of talking to different members about their passions, the things that tug at their hearts, the tasks to which God has called them. 

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November 2018: Saints Of The Church

A Horrific Fate

On Hallowe’en, it has become traditional to revel in horror, so I thought I would post about the horrors of homelessness.

I was prompted onto this line of thought as I walked past a car park intended for the Summer tourists to Southend-on-Sea and saw a tent pitched beside it on a small patch of grass. 421 more words


Mustang Galley...

My daily bicycle ride takes me long Old River Road, which is a gravelly, half-kept road here in rural San Diego County. Though there are some nice homes above the road that I enjoy riding by each morning, the highlight for me are the acres — the miles of tomato fields which rise up alongside the road. 613 more words


Mars Candy to Honor Local Vagrants Outside O Street Walgreens for Buying Franchise out of Skittles

McClean, VA (SN) – The homeless population in downtown Lincoln is seeing the light of the end of the tunnel in regards to Summer heat indexes, and what cooler news than finding out a few of their own are being flown all expenses to McClean, VA to accept an award. 300 more words


Three ways you can support austin homeless artists

Looking to help the homeless in Austin this summer? Consider https://artfromthestreets.org/blogs/news/three-ways-you-can-support-austin-homeless-artists other possibilities to keep them cool and safe in the summer heat, like familiarizing yourself with the locations of cooling centers in your area. 31 more words

Homeless Nook Outside Copper Kettle to Be Featured on MTV Cribs

Lincoln NE (SN) – With the sweltering heat casting over the city of Lincoln, the homeless population is already working hard to reserve the best shady area downtown to hibernate in. 218 more words


Week Three: What am I trying to Create?

So I have a different medication now. It’s called perphenazine. Apparently that means it’s a first generation psychoactive drug. According to my psychiatrist, medications like Latuda, Invega (which I was taking), Seroquel and the like cause more of the bad symptoms like the ones I experienced. 1,048 more words