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Three ways you can support austin homeless artists

Looking to help the homeless in Austin this summer? Consider https://artfromthestreets.org/blogs/news/three-ways-you-can-support-austin-homeless-artists other possibilities to keep them cool and safe in the summer heat, like familiarizing yourself with the locations of cooling centers in your area. 31 more words

Homeless Nook Outside Copper Kettle to Be Featured on MTV Cribs

Lincoln NE (SN) – With the sweltering heat casting over the city of Lincoln, the homeless population is already working hard to reserve the best shady area downtown to hibernate in. 218 more words


Week Three: What am I trying to Create?

So I have a different medication now. It’s called perphenazine. Apparently that means it’s a first generation psychoactive drug. According to my psychiatrist, medications like Latuda, Invega (which I was taking), Seroquel and the like cause more of the bad symptoms like the ones I experienced. 1,048 more words

Guy That Plays Washboard On Downtown O Street to Release EP

Lincoln NE (SN) – The panhandler that plays the washboard every evening between 14th and Centennial on O street is releasing his first album of original material. 177 more words




I attended a community meeting last night and heard from leaders of PHOENIX CARES. In my opinion the program should be scrapped immediately.  This program will only evolve into another inefficient and ineffective do-nothing bureaucracy. 402 more words


When Humility Pays a Call

I’m in Starbucks when the guy with no legs rolls in, in his dilapidated wheelchair.  He’s been off the street for a while, thank God, but now is back. 289 more words

New York City

I want to have purpose

I hear you all out there you know.

I want to have a purpose. I want to write things and be noticed and seen, too. I want people to think I am valuable.

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