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Beautiful wonderful spring and all that it brings with it…the joy of children’s floral chains and small bouquets of ‘weeds.’ Yards full of yellow remind me that summer is just around the corner and oh so thankful the pollinators are back! 242 more words

The Homestead

Golden Afternoon

Everything was golden. The honeyed air was rich and fragrant, sweet with pine and warm earth. The afternoon sunlight filtering through the trees had that mystic quality of springtime, painting everything in vivid color, gilding the greens, the reds, the pinks, the browns, glinting from the gravel and garnets along the jeep trail, sparkling in spiders’ webs, shimmering on the wings of the swallowtails and bees and moths busy drinking the flowers of the golden currant. 192 more words


Goal Update: Sprouts and Chickens

I am thrilled about my garden right now. I had a few seeds that failed to sprout, but the ones that did are thriving!

I am most proud of my watermelons. 160 more words

Sustainable Living


We have a dream to live sustainably on our own homestead. It’s a pretty crazy dream to most people, especially when they realize our dream might not contain a normal toilet. 238 more words

Sustainable Living

A wonderful surprise

This morning, Hubby and two grand-boys went off to an auction, leaving me home to  enjoy a day of laundry, cleaning and such with no interruptions. 153 more words

Simple Things

Mourning a loss


It could be worse! Pearl is still around, doing her job.

Sadly, the vintage bowl is no more.  An accident took it away today. 50 more words

Along The Way

A Hike Just Wouldn't Be Complete...

In all the hiking I’ve done, I’ve gotten my share of ticks on me – However, I’m always quite vigilant and brush them off before they can embed. 146 more words