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Summer Days

It’s not uncommon for the husband and I to stick relatively close to the homestead on a given weekend.  Let’s face it:  life is busy, and sometimes it’s just nice to stay home, even when the pull of the trail is strong.  675 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

This week we were invited to share an unusual photo, be it through technique, subject, etc.  I’ve been wanting to try this zooming technique ever since I saw it displayed using daisies as the subject by an Instagram friend.   63 more words


It's a heat wave, heat dome or whatever... it's just freakin' hot!

It’s hot folks. Really hot. The kind of summer heat that is usually reserved for August. I just got back in from doing morning chores (the earlier we start the better!) and at 8 AM it’s 80 degrees with a heat index of 85, ugh. 612 more words

The Farm

Let's Get This Party Started!

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”
– George Bernard Shaw

The Stryker Homestead is our dream of carving out a little niche in Western New York with what spare time we can find and sharing all that can be produced on 14 acres of land.

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The Homestead

Chicken Coops & Duck Tractors

Chicken coops & duck tractors? I know what you’re thinking… what’s a duck tractor?! It’s like a chicken tractor but for ducks! If that still doesn’t answer it, a tractor is a floorless coop that can be moved. 630 more words

The Farm

Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage

When I first read this week’s challenge, collage, I was a bit mystified.  Collage.  Collage. Collage.  I went out this morning before work and took a number of photos of dahlia in my flower bed with the idea of creating a collage with them.   43 more words