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7. Fences, part 2

Fencing is never done.  Never.  You’re either building new ones, repairing old ones, maintaining existing ones, or modifying current ones.  The best fence in the world only serves its purpose if you maintain it regularly.  1,170 more words

The Homestead

Grandma's Chokecherry Jelly

Canning is a skill that has nearly faded out of reckoning, but it is a useful and satisfying skill to have. And nothing beats homemade jams and jellies! 345 more words

The Homestead

6. Fences

You can’t have a farm without some fences.  Fences are a pretty big deal, actually.  Fences establish property lines, keep your critters in, keep other critters out, separate paddocks for grazing and planting, and they let your neighbors know you mean business. 1,114 more words

The Homestead

Best Buddies

Everybody needs a friend who will just listen, without disagreeing or trying to “fix” everything. Poor Trixie is at that stage in life where she hears “no” and “no” and “no” more often than she hears anything else. 348 more words

The Ranch

Our ranch has changed. A lot has changed. While we still reside in a relatively similar location, we moved this past Memorial Day. Gone are the 24 acres of pasture and woods. 360 more words

The Homestead

The Watcher Watched


After a leisurely breakfast we left Aaron, his nephew Rory, and Robin working on the fencing while Jackie drove the two of us, Jessie, and Guru to Ferndene Farm Shop for our friends to shop for their return. 257 more words

Summer Evening

One of the best things about Black Hills weather is the coolness of the summer evenings. Even a day that reaches into the 90s and 100s will cool down to a comfortable temperature by night. 394 more words