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There's No Humor in the Bible

I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on it, but something has always been missing from the Bible. There’s plenty of stuff there: love, hate, anger, happiness, joy, sorrow, people turning into salt and food raining from the heavens  659 more words


The Eye of Yusuf

The Eye of Yusuf

Old blue ocean eyes green

where the sea breaks color,

strands of hazel waterdust

warm in deeper chroma

The lurid nictitate world below… 305 more words

The Human Condition

Untitled structure to time

Found freedom in time’s shadow

The sweat of colour, formed of day’s-

orbit in featherflake pollen

where  I am

when you cannot see me… 90 more words

The Human Condition

Moontide Minds

. Moontide Minds

Lean along the delicately elongating night,

the quick whip of the wind, winds the dunes,

the sand sea-skates in whispers of the land’s thirst, 298 more words

The Human Condition

The Watereye Maze

The watereye maze

The night coils inside embers

and the bled scent of sunset

rustles reflection’s flickers like years

bent into the blend of yesterday’s tear… 158 more words

The Human Condition

Puppet Tree

Puppet Tree

Man has made his den

rustled wisp litter of daymind lustre

and weavebeaked, finger spun

cat’s cradle shadow lace, clawing

maze-faced in the chrysaline- 80 more words

The Human Condition

Too Many Superhero Movies

Superhero movies, in my opinion, has hit a critical mass. When sequels are starting to look more and more like the old Disney routine (Shrek 5: Shrek and Donkey Do Some Stuff), there is a problem. 772 more words