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Airborne Mrs Guppy

Anyone familiarizing himself with 19th century Spiritualism will be in for surprises, and sometimes hilarious situations for the ones who have imagination. Although fraud was rampant, many of the strange happenings really occurred and were witnessed by reliable, often scientifically trained investigators. 381 more words

Nandor Fodor


Reflecting today as I stare down gluten free playdough recipes. I tried one of the baking soda dough recipes, with 2 cups of baking soda, wondering about the intelligence of preparing to “play” with a wad of base. 480 more words

The Human Condition

Smoke and Ghosts

We will wake up and wonder
about smoke and ghosts, time
mapped with crust, sticky crumbs,
the color of play, brown and able,
blurry prints on flat paint. 59 more words


Big breath in and out

Guess what, it’s actually OK having a mastectomy.  Doesn’t even hurt that much.  The nuclear medicine that enables them to track lymph nodes with radioactive stuff injected into the breast hurts more.   1,119 more words

The Human Condition

We Go.

We tend to “Go,” “To Someone,” to “Work On Things.” For example, we go to a therapist to work on our sadness. We go to the shaman to work on our anger. 317 more words

The Human Condition

Advice -> Endorphins or Habit Change?

There are many inspirational posters on many walls across the world.

Most of these posters do not change the behaviors of those who purchase them, frame them, hang them, and look at them. 673 more words

Hard Things

The Big Picture (3)

A Review of Sean Carroll’s 2016 book


Entropy’s empirical effect at the macro-level of human life is death. With death we enter the realm of the… 1,840 more words