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Untitled, original poem #48

wicked waters
dead dirt
and money

wasted time
extended life

dry riverbeds
powerless figureheads
meaningless democracy


a penny
is a power


Transdimensional Poet

Maps of the World

1     Let’s compare a basketball court to the mind. Every inch of the court is like a separate brain cell. A player can move anywhere on the court. 508 more words


Just Another Day, Pre-Singularity

I am picking huckleberries. It is fall on the coast and they are abundant. There is also no getting around that they are small, most of them smaller than blueberries and even wild blueberries. 649 more words


A Simple Breakfast

Today I surprised myself by cooking a good breakfast, a rare occurrence around here. I chopped up some fresh green beans from the Farmer’s Market, nuked them in the microwave for a few minutes, mixed in a couple of eggs from my friend’s backyard chickens, gave it another minute, added a squirt each of Vietnamese chile sauce and ketchup and a pinch of salt. 306 more words



While hanging out with the neighbor girls, ages three and five, the younger one finds a snail on the deck and after admiring it for a moment, is about to throw it into the garden, when the older one stops her and says: Don’t do that. 409 more words


Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead

In October the sun marks off the slimmest arc of sky in the late afternoon as it passes below the top of the kitchen window and before it disappears behind the tops of the trees across the slough. 1,241 more words



Our business in this world is not to succeed, but to continue to fail, in good spirits.  – Robert Louis Stevenson

  1.  Comparative Physiology

    Humans, known as the Flatterers to the Tree People, flatter themselves believing their nervous systems are especially highly evolved.

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