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That freedom

With That Moon Language

Admit something: Everyone you see, you say to them, “Love me.”

Of course you do not do this out loud, otherwise someone would call the cops. 51 more words


Vying for most pointless in the world

RoyalCam continues to fill up the available spaces in my brain. I have of course entered the ‘name the chick’ competition. To travel to Dunedin and meet the chick would be an absolute delight. 567 more words

The Human Condition


Dear Editor,

Maybe, just maybe,
There is a compulsion to your immorality,
A humanity in that chair even,
An earned diploma cello-taped to the wall. 444 more words

The Human Condition

Content With Lightning

There are those who are quite content with lightning in the distance,
And those for whom quaking love is an absolute compulsion.
I am thrashing. 101 more words

The Human Condition

Storm the Fort

Aye, nay, go away
The choice to resist, submit, evade
Contradict, explain, ridicule
Your opinion bears no impression on mine

Let the weak crumple to pressure… 90 more words


mourning doves nesting in dead monstera

caught a tear on my thumb

and wondered whose it was;

slightly sweet, so first instinct:



it was raining when we collected

Camels and hotboxed in my Cutlass; 36 more words



Four years ago, my family packed mattress pads, lamps, clothes, plastic plates and must-have books into our car and drove 785 miles to Nashville Tennessee. On a humid morning in August, we, the entire class of 2016, pulled into dorm driveways and sat nervously with anticipation of all that our college experience would become. 517 more words

The Human Condition