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Up yours

What can the NZ cricket team, Mark Lundy and pink fingernails have in common?  Let me explain.

I prepared for the meeting by painting my fingernails pink.   1,395 more words

The Human Condition

Open Wide.

by R. Dietrick Hardwick

I learn from friends and my so-called enemies, I learn from religions, artists, charlatans, thieves, philosophers, atheists, spiritual leaders, loved ones, sociopaths. 421 more words

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The Torch

by R. Dietrick Hardwick

We recognize ourselves, within each other’s eyes.
Here, we see things all too familiar; beloved or despised.

That which we deem foreign, let us observe with time and grace. 56 more words

#intuition #education #intellect #comprehension #learning #growth #humanity

Where the spirit meets the bone

Today I heard Clive James, the well known and loved writer and presenter talk about his imminent death and what he was thinking about while still in the here and now.  577 more words


Implementation of the Fittest 

Having more power often means requiring less opinions.

The Creativity Engine

by R. Dietrick Hardwick

I don’t believe there is anyone ahead or behind their time. Everyone is right where they should be, when they should be there. 649 more words

#intuition #education #intellect #comprehension #learning #growth #humanity

No Apology Necessary

My friend had meticulously planned a party and it seemed she had attended to every possible detail.  Banners were hung, thematic cocktails were lovingly prepared, a loop revealing fun facts about the day’s event was playing over and over on TVs in several rooms.   353 more words