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La Condition Humaine

What I had planned to write this weekend, or one of the things I was in the middle of writing, was my summer book report. Like every book report I’ve ever written, ever, it was coming together slowly and sure not to be delivered on time. 821 more words

Among Friends

Anagrams #4 - An arm sag - Mars gana

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard


Debit card                 Bad credit

The Hurricanes         These churn air

Cool Nerd                  Old Crone

Margaret Thatcher     A charm tart. Get her! 48 more words

The Human Condition

One-Liner Wednesday -- Eating my words.

Back in September of last year when the new iPhone 6 hit the streets and city sidewalks and stores were overrun with consumers in full orgasm, I said something to this effect on my Facebook page: 132 more words


The Human Embrace of Death, Additional Truths

In response to My latest blog post featuring the uncensored legal murders being practiced by ISIS, I received an interesting question concerning why humans go meekly to their own imminent deaths, not even attempting to fight to protect and preserve their own existence. 867 more words


Recast Your Story

Melt. Turn. Form. Repeat.

More and more of my work is recasting. Telling an old story in a new way: finding the locus of interest for today, for these people, living right now. 251 more words

Communication Is About Relationship


If the connection is bad, it doesn’t matter how loud you talk.