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Seeing a light at the end...

…of this tunnel. Or perhaps I’m becoming accustomed to waiting and then waiting some more?

I had a good conversation with my primary care doctor late this afternoon. 634 more words

Spiritual Formation

Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump and So Should You

I think you should vote for Donald Trump. If you are a red-blooded American with any sense, you will cast your ballot this November for Donald Trump. 655 more words


9 Things I found In January

In case you wondered what I was up to during the month of January…


Because Jenna tells it how things are – with a couple of expletives thrown in. 346 more words

The Human Condition

Two Universal Truths I Was Just Reminded Of

I was initially drawn to this article about recent archaeological digs in London in the current National Geographic because of my deep ancestral ties to this personally venerated city. 406 more words


Koel v. Aves

Opening lines
Without reason where is cause
lowly species vice is cast
endeavor to a higher class
drunk the divine

The argument
Closer to our pretended selves… 48 more words


That recycled taste

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Every wait server was proud to mention
all the conformity to the state’s low waste laws 412 more words

The Human Condition

If Life Imitated Art.

“I just wish she knew that if there were two persons, who were imperfect and they knew it, and they weren’t afraid to admit it – if those two persons cared enough about one another to lean upon one another, they’d be stronger together than they were separately – like a flying buttress and a cathedral wall.”

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