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Drag and Drop

Drag and drop

It’s such an integral part of our lives

Dragged behind bosses through rows of identical cubes

The age of cubism returns with a sadistic twist… 58 more words


The Future They Forgot to Imagine

The termination of an expired concept ignites her
The audacity they hold to deem her conceptions antiquated
burns a desire into her to disprove that the future reigns us all… 134 more words


Borrowed Space

Space. We occupy it mindlessly but when we feel it, our stomachs drop. We don’t want to be alone, so we take precautions to mind the gap… 326 more words


Time Continuum of Eternity

Restriction, constriction,
eviction of the mind
when we give in to fiction,
addiction, and race against time
I looked at her as she took her last few breaths… 209 more words


Captured on camera

In the blink of an eye
Memories take me back
Surrounded by music
I want to stay here forever
Feeling the harmonies
The ebb and flow of… 492 more words

Spiritual Formation

Perfectly Human

He was perfectly strange, this stranger was. He was smart and elegant and courteous. He was different and complementary. We fit like jigsaw puzzle pieces. This stranger was perfect until I came to know him. 109 more words


In The Brightness of All Our NamesĀ 

I picked a blade of grass

From the root of the Earth’s molten core

And through the tiniest home that this blade occupied,

A ray of bold shot into the sky… 123 more words