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Growing Old

The lovely elderly lady in this video describes growing old perfectly and humorously!

The Human Condition

How I'm praying about Mr. Trump

Gingerly. Yet with more conviction than ever.

Everything I see ‘out there’ is a microcosm of my heart. Not always in the same form, but always about the same kinds of issues. 427 more words

Spiritual Formation

The Human Condition: Pressure

The same pressure that softens the potato, hardens the egg.

Hey party people….or non-party people…..you know what let’s just stick with the ‘hey’.

I think about this statement a lot.

1,007 more words

Is Our Mind A Time Traveller ?

This seems to be an odd statement. But there are a lot of mysteries, which we are unable to understand about our brain. With recent advances in science, we have been able to uncover a lot of functions, which we did not understand, how they are processed in our brain. 1,002 more words



Achieving great things is rarely a comfortable experience. We would rather spend our lives living in a state of disappointment, regret and dull pain than facing the sharp, intense yet fleeting discomfort associated with striving for excellence. 147 more words

The Human Condition

A Glimpse of the Flash

By Narcissa Lyons

Life is tenuous, teasing, and flirts too often with death 1,135 more words

Crap Shoot


Oh nkakúyiaâ baobab, kokoô mangrove –      

arms of ɛn-dámà – arms of ɛnkárɛ́ –

let us tell one, let us tell all

the gourd

has split open… 47 more words

The Human Condition