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Avenues to Spirituality

Some of the most personally compelling spiritual experiences of my life took place long before I could even identify them as being spiritual. My earliest memories of childhood were punctuated periodically with moments of a kind of “unconscious awareness” of energies or forces beyond my direct experience of the world; occasionally precipitating unplanned and unexpected eruptions from within me, which would often feel like being immersed in water for a brief time. 4,369 more words


Free download! The Beckoning Sunrise: A Short Story

As promised, my short story The Beckoning Sunrise will once again be available as a free download on Friday, June 26th.

If you didn’t get your free copy the last time, here’s your second chance.     8 more words

John D. Ottini

Poetry Saves Lives

Your eyes aren’t eyes. They’re bees.
I can find no cure for their sting.

I’ve been learning about the poetic form known as  the landay… 224 more words


Quest for Consciousness

“The working hypothesis of this book is that consciousness emerges from neuronal features of the brain. Understanding the material basis of consciousness is unlikely to require any exotic new physics, but rather a much deeper appreciation of how highly interconnected networks of a large number of heterogeneous neurons work. 1,344 more words


The Giver Scored with Birds

Serina is a bird lover.  She has two canaries:  Maxi and Sissi.

Sissi is in tune with the season and is prepping her nest already. 1,214 more words

The Human Spirit

Memory is Feeling

Memory Is Feeling

Some months ago, I wrote a few brief remarks to share for the memorial service marking one year since my Mom’s passing, and while preparing to deliver the remarks, I recorded myself reciting them in order to review them before the service. 929 more words