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Online Identities & Interactions

A Quote by Sherry Turkle:

“…we are changed as technology offers us substitutes for connecting with each other face-to-face. We are offered robots and a whole world of machine-mediated relationships on networked devices. 1,276 more words

The Human Spirit

"The Stance"...A Funny Story Not By Me

I did not write this story, but I could have. In fact, if you’re a woman or even a girl, you probably could have, too. It’s a story that is an integral part of our gender. 977 more words


Media Influence

Toy Story (1995)

We all had a favorite childhood movie that we watched non-stop. Childhood movies have great influence on how the children behave and think; some movies are so powerful that they impact the person his/her entire life. 1,390 more words

The Human Spirit

Distracted, Fractioned, Shattered

Distracted, Fractioned, Shattered

Does your gaze meet your lover’s eyes?

Or do you meet your own,

in the shiny screens of distraction?

Fractioning your

cares, 27 more words

The Human Spirit

The Perspective of Time and Love

As many of my regular readers may recall, back in 2012, my family and I suffered the personal loss of our dear brother, Michael, and at that time, our personal experiences surrounding that loss, and having to endure the profound sadness that accompanied those events, presented us with an unprecedented challenge of finding a path forward that did not include his presence among us. 864 more words


Love Beyond

Maybe it’s your smile

that’s so familiar.

Or, maybe it’s your face that I’ve always known.

Our connection transcends

time and space.

We’ll keep meeting in no specific earthly place. 41 more words

The Human Spirit

The Sound of Success

Successes, yes, acknowledge them.

But notice how much applause you need for them.

Maybe you only need your own,

clapping hands.

Not the


clap… 27 more words

The Human Spirit