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Intuition & Good Choices Vs. Manners & Old-Fashioned Habits.

Growing up in a southern traditional household,  I was taught manners and to be polite.  I was also taught to NOT rock the boat.

I suppose it’s fine to a point is social situations where you have no intention of being nothing more than acquaintances with a person. 628 more words

The Human Spirit

A Link With The Infinite

“Never in the world were any two opinions alike, any more than any two hairs or grains of sand. Their most universal quality is diversity.” –Montaigne, Essays, 1580… 1,055 more words


Are the Hot Fires of Your Work/Creative Passion Fueling You or Burning You Out?

Growing up and until about a five years ago, I thought being passionate about my work and or, creative interests won out over everything.  I thought being passionate gave me the motivation and drive to continue pursuing my goals, and or dreams. 344 more words

The Human Spirit

The Rite of Spring

“Spring Landscape,” by Achille Laugé (French, 1861–1944). Laugé was a Neo-Impressionist painter born in Arzens. Laugé never followed his teachers’ methods and advice, and his work was considered radical for its time. 859 more words


For everyone from Fort McMurray

Wherever you are at the moment, stay safe – and know that our prayers are with you. May angels guide you during this difficult time.

Our World

A Fundamental Theory of Consciousness

As human beings, we are, in large part, unremarkably different from many other species on our planet in our physical core components and basic constituent parts and systems. 1,341 more words


How to Overcome and Achieve Despite All Obstacles, by Kirby Sommers

When I was interviewed for a recent Ted Talk given by the extraordinary Justin Constantine who survived a sniper’s bullet through the head while serving in Iraq — I gave him a couple of my “survival” stories — which he incorporated into his talk. 1,137 more words