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Why I believe in Yesterday

When all else fails, count your gratefuls. At least that’s what I’m told.

So what’s mine? Yesterday.

My Oct. 29th post resonated with a few of you. 875 more words

The Human

09. The Human

A human has appeared on campus! To figure out how she got here, Melody interro…I mean, politely questions the girl. It’s not very effective. 1,271 more words


Three Meanings of Human(ity)

Existence is something tremendous, and day-to-day life, however indispensable, seems an insufficient response to it, a failure of consciousness. Outrageous as it sounds, the religious temperament regards a merely human life as insufficient, as a partial blindness to or rejection of the terms of our existence.

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Critique & Commentary

40 Inspiring, Enchanting Enjoy Quotations To the Human being You merely Adore

Enjoy may differ. From time to time, it is a severe affliction. Other instances, love provides you with goosebumps. And after that there are times when love is outright painful.  1,029 more words

Cute Love


I’m scared of sleeping because, when the day comes to its end, the monsters are gonna get me. Once the TV is off, the books are closed, the friends have gone home and the family has gone to sleep, my head has free space to blast through my body like a hurricane flattens entire villages, leaving nothing but death and distraction. 26 more words

The Human

who the fuck cares?

Those moments when you turn around and you think “how did I even get here?”. And then you realise that it doesn’t even matter and that you don’t even care, because all that matters right now is that you are really fucking hurting.

The Human