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mockingjay on peeta’s POV

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February Favorites/Food,Fashion,Movies,etc.

I’ve been loving so many things this month so let’s just get right to it!

Food: Most of the of the time I aim to eat as healthy as possible. 462 more words

Francesca Fernandes

Beakless Beakniss

As DVD time approaches, we’ve made a small but exciting discovery.

See, we love it when it seems the movie studios are listen to what’s being said in the fandom, and in this one case, they seemingly listened and corrected themselves. 175 more words

The Hunger Games

Book Mini-Reviews: The Heroes, Veronica Mars #2, and The Hunger Games

by Matthew Thompson

With a couple of months already behind us in 2015, I’m going to be running through some mini-reviews for things I finished but didn’t have a chance to talk about earlier in the year. 926 more words


3 very short movie reviews.

I have several unfinished drafts piled up, but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish them. I lack the patience to write something long but I can’t keep ignoring my blog, so I decided to write some very short movie reviews in the meantime. 179 more words

The Month in Films: March 2015

March opens the gate to a spectacular flood of great DVDs and Blu-rays in your local shops. Over the coming month, allowances will be tested to the limit by a chock-a-block list of films including award-winning biopics, thrilling crime dramas, incredible space feats, and tales of dystopian teenage revolution and a bear with a rather alarming marmalade habit. 1,946 more words


The Maze Runner (2014) ★★★★☆

A-maze-ingly tense.

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) wakes up to find himself trapped in an upwards travelling lift, and once the doors open he is greeted by a group of unfamiliar boys in a grassy clearing called “The Glade”, surrounded by gigantic stone walls. 326 more words