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Top 10 Vampire Destruction Scenes #10 The Hunger (Expiration Date)

I love The Hunger.   I also love David Bowie, so my fondness for the movie was probably colored by that love.

That being said, this film has a very interesting take on vampire mythology, and stands pretty well alone in its approach to the subject.   435 more words


Eulogizing Tanith Lee

Fantasy, science-fiction, feminist author Tanith Lee died recently from breast cancer.  She was 67.

No one in my family knew her personally, although through her writings she was an integral part of the household.   361 more words


New review copy received: Rotting Frontier: The Hunger (Volume 1) by Dave Atwell

Just received this review copy of Rotting Frontier: The Hunger (Volume 1) by Dave Atwell. Looks like a very cool read! Can’t wait to read and review. 255 more words


French Rendez-Vous 2015: Catherine Deneuve at her best "In the Courtyard"

Catherine Deneuve continues to have one of the most enduring and notable acting careers in film, from youthful incandescence (“The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, 1964) to mental unraveling (“Repulsion”, 1965) to cool elegance (“Belle de Jour”, 1967) to alluring vampire (“The Hunger”, 1983) to her Oscar-nominated performance of a plantation owner in turbulent times (“Indochine”, 1992) to her terrific portrait of a former beauty queen in last year’s “On My Way”. 279 more words


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A treasure hunt, my love?

Over here, over there, where, oh where did you say to look, my love?

Perhaps it would be fashionable to consider sneaking a peek, … 346 more words

A-Z Blogging Challenge

The Hunger - T

If you could, my love, would you travel in time, fashioning a new course, forwards, backwards or sideways?

Does it appeal with thought to… 346 more words

A-Z Blogging Challenge

Watch "Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead - The Hunger" on YouTube

One of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies, The Hunger, directed by tony scott staring Catherine Deneuve , David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. 9 more words