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So, some may already know the app “the hunt”, in which you can post a picture of whatever kind of clothing you saw and really liked, but have no clue where to get it, and people who may know will tell you where you can get exactly what you want or a lookalike of it. Awesome!

The Hunt, Part 6

Last week after getting close and personal with the protagonists of this story, and their methods, we learn more about what they have discovered and heardĀ some really disturbing rumors that they hope has no truth to them. 2,767 more words


The Wild Hunt

The wild hunt.part of evolution or origins of plaguetown. Pen and ink on mixed media paper.

They stalked The giant Mole rats, whose cave became a grave, and bone pile.


On My Mind: Jobs

Hey there you crazy Deviants! It’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for another spiel about what’sĀ On My Mind.

For anyone that knows me personally this might not come as much of a shock but jobs have been on my mind a lot lately. 441 more words


The Hunt, Part 5

Last week we left Jay and Elsa arriving at the trading center. Here they learn that it’s been set up for the best way to separate one’s finances from them, either honestly or dishonestly. 1,883 more words


The Man

Part 1, “The Wolf”

Soft light from the morning sun caresses the tree tops, urging their budding leaves to bloom. Below the canopy, the forest remains shrouded in a pre-dawn twilight. 2,021 more words

Short Stories

The Wolf

Soft light from the morning sun bathes the crest of a lone grassy knoll. An island amidst a sprawling deciduous forest, Its bed of wild weed and grass color the hill a distinct amber-yellow, contrasting it with the spring greens of newly budding life. 1,515 more words

Short Stories