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John Walsh on the Freedom of 'The Hunt:' 'I'm Not Restrained by Lawyers'

He came to what is clearly his calling through tragedy; a personal loss so great that it prompted him to spend his life working to stop criminals from hurting anyone, especially children. 1,651 more words


That took me so long to read.
I just didn’t feel like the pace was very fast, so would only read a couple of pages at a time. 384 more words

YA Fiction

The Hunt: Chapter 1

Hey Hey Hey guys! Mal here and I’m back from my week long hiatus. Today I have the newest installment of The Hunt. I hope you enjoy. 524 more words

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NEW PODCAST: "Existential Void Where Prohibited"


We have here a special occasion at BlissVille. The very first guest on this podcast was a young lady, wise and fresh from my tutilege who inspired me in numerous ways I can’t even begin to calculate. 209 more words

David Lawler

John Walsh from CNN’s ‘The Hunt’: For Fugitives on the Run, Time is Running Out

John Walsh, criminal investigator, human rights advocate and creator and host of television series ‘America’s Most Wanted’ and CNN’s ‘The Hunt’, joins Dave Plier to talk about the loss of his son Adam and his motivation to have legislators across America pass the Child Protection & Safety Act, gun laws, Chicago’s crime statistics and his role in the capture of over 1,200 criminals nationwide.   14 more words

Dave Plier

Review: The Hunt (2012)

A beautiful looking tragic story.

Director: Thomas Vinterberg 

Released: 2012

Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Lasen, Annika Wedderkopp

The Hunt is a film that’s teeth sink deep into your heart and refuses to let go. 381 more words


Wife allegedly paid man to beat husband to death over real estate

George Smith lived on the beach, worked on the beach, played on the beach and raised a family on the beach.

On the night of August 6, 2007, Smith died on the beach, the victim of a beating so brutal it left him unrecognizable. 1,207 more words