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WEAR vs. The Hunt

The Hunt, much like WEAR, is a fashion focused social networking app. The Hunt has six distinct divisions: Start, Solve, Poll, Vote, Browse, and Shop. Start can be utilized to post a picture of an item you saw online that you like, but do not know where to buy. 338 more words


Whispers of the Autumn Court

You’ve heard us your whole life

That raspy whispering from the trees that beckons and tells you

You’re one of us…

You were afraid once… 316 more words


To The Dogs

Two dreams, two days in a row, where the very obvious message is “Trust the Dogs”. The first dream it was literally said. Both dreams also involve “Going into Darkness” or “Confronting Darkness/Fears”. 7 more words

UPG And Inspiration

Fox Hunting: Why I Believe In The Ban

I have found myself discussing fox hunting quite a bit of late: with my family, friends and even as part of my Masters course – an odd choice of topic seeing that ‘the hunt’ was outlawed quite so time ago. 1,015 more words


Singularity Rather Then Duality?

That moment you realize that that the two Gods you thought you were married to have morphed into one. Or maybe They’ve always been one and your little mortal brain couldn’t quite grasp it without seeing Him as a duality first. 61 more words

UPG And Inspiration

Preorder THE HUNT

Can’t wait until October 24th?

I don’t blame you! I got my advanced ARC copies of the book, and it’s GORGEOUS! Ah! But I have good news for you. 219 more words

The Agonist: The Hunt [Music Video]

Video: The Hunt
Band: The Agonist
Label: Napalm Records
Album: Five
Release Date: Sept 30, 2016
Band Page