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The Hunter

Christopher Argent was an assassin to higher but he would never kill children. He never misses but Christopher will miss this time. He will not kill Millie but save her from the man who had hired him.

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How AWESOME are the Red Hot Chili Peppers?!!?! #eternallyawesome #gorobot!

If you’ve lived on this planet for any length of time, you must have heard the name Red Hot Chili Peppers. And the first thing that comes to your mind is of, course hot chili peppers, runny noses, sweaty faces with tongues panting like a dogs’ on a hot summers’ day. 281 more words

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Character Profile- The Hunter

This is the character profile for The Hunter, our villain for the film. It was created by Jamie Robinson.

Heres a link to his page- Character Profile- The Hunter


Trailer of the Day: Iron Spyder

Iron Spyder. a short film directed and produced by Melbourne film makers Christopher Mitchell and Yoav Lester. will receive its world premier on September 25 in Austin, Texas, at this years Fantastic Fest, one of the worlds biggest genre film festivals. 293 more words


The Hunter - by Davy and Kirstin McGuire

The Hunter is a paper diorama that comes to life through projected animations, music and sound effects. When the intricately cut paper model illuminates, tiny shadow figures seem to appear behind the diorama in order to depict a silent fable about the cruelty of human conduct and the ability to repent our actions. 35 more words


Sunday Film Roundup (6/5/2016)

Yes, I’m aware that it’s not yet Sunday.  But so what?  Why wait a day?  Here are some recommendations. 1,071 more words


Challenge Week: Book Cover Lover Challenge Day #3

Hello and welcome to Day #3 of my Book Cover Lover Challenge!

As it’s Day #3, I thought I would post 3 book covers (does that count as cheating somehow?) I wanted to post all 3 covers, because they’re all linked by the same motif – eyes. 312 more words