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A Wednesday post?! *GASP, SHOCK, and AWE*

It’s been awhile since I came into Tuesday evening slapping myself on the forehead, remembering that the middle of the week was only a few hours away and that I needed to generate some type of content for The Nifty Notebook. 1,254 more words


Review: 'The Hunter' by Julia Leigh

University reading no 2. This is a book I would have been unlikely to pick up without prompting, but one I really enjoyed. 183 more words


Cosplay of the day

Lyz Brickley cosplaying yet another awesome character, The Hunter from the game Bloodborne !


Book Travelling Thursdays: Choose A Book That Deserves More Love

This is another new series I’ve decided to participate in with my blog, although I’ll only be doing it monthly, not weekly. Book Travelling Thursdays… 278 more words


OPINION: Ranking every Mastodon from best to worst

With Mastodon set to release their new album Emperor of Sand in a month or so, I have been heavily re-listening to their albums again. Not exactly in a chronological order (I started it off with  426 more words

Roadrunner Records

Taking on A Reading Challenge???

2017 will be a year fraught with a crazy amount of changes. Even without knowing the future there are things that you can count on. Time moving forward, relationships shifting, hearts and minds evolving on certain topics (for better or for worse), and even the very way we live our lives evolving into something new. 594 more words