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The 80s

Turns out that one of the benefits of having neighbors around our age is that we all love classic 80s music that reminds us of our teenage/high school years.   380 more words

It's About Me

To You From Me

That husband of mine ….
He knows me more than Ms. Cara knows she likes hotdogs.

This picture here is what he gave me for my birthday this year. 130 more words

The Homestead

He's Getting It Done

The husband has been home for a little over 24 hours and he’s checking things off the list of things that need to be worked on at the house. 253 more words

A Little Of This A Little Of That

Pedicures & Color Possibilities: A Husband Weighs In

I only asked him as a courtesy.  I didn’t think that he’d have opinion, but he did.

And it surprised me.

I’d sorted through my bottles of nail polish, throwing out shades that I hated or bottles with lids that no longer opened.   136 more words


Of Chips & Buns, Making Small Talk At The Dinner Table

I. The scene

Zen-Den and I went to dinner at a Tex-Mex place.  Sitting there at our table, me sipping a frozen Texas Twister… 388 more words


Sleepy Head

I fear the Husb was slightly less interested in the Boy’s bedtime story than the Boy would have hoped for…

The Boy

Expectations vs Reality

Last weekend, we escaped to the mountains with my whole family. The majority of us stayed in a massive house we rented, so we could have more bonding time together. 365 more words