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Irrational Fears

After my miscarriage I had a lot of issues with fears over my Husband.  I would often panic that he wasn’t going to make it home, get an accident, suddenly die in his sleep, etc.  340 more words


Tater Pie: Kitten Edition

A few weeks ago, Darwin charged full-speed into the house from the back yard, dove onto the couch and frantically started licking and nuzzling something. His back end was to me, so I couldn’t see what it was. 258 more words

The Husband

Third time's a charm

How is it that one moderately suggestive text message from MYC literally makes me melt into a pool of my own juices? Perhaps it’s because my wildly erotic imagination requires little to ignite. 805 more words


This is my life: Surprise!

Dear Husband,

What the actual fuck? Why do I find out by logging on to Fetlife that you have changed your role from submissive to unsure & are possibly going to a party in another state… when you are not allowed to go to parties without me? 115 more words

My Life


Today was back to earth with a bump! Work and school didn’t float any of our boats this morning but up we got, and off we went. 32 more words

The Girl

More Birthdayness

I had such a lovely day yesterday and wanted to post about it, but yesterday really was all about the cake!  In case you wondered, this is what it looked like inside… 169 more words

The Boy

To Become a Stay at Home Mom or Not

Some discussions have come up in our house recently that I never thought I would have with my Husband.  A discussion that involves my career versus staying at home once we have a baby in the house.  888 more words