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     It’s finally happened, through months of vitamins, drinking hand sanitizer, and overall avoidance of all the diseased, the plague come down upon our house.

THE MAN FLU… 588 more words

The Husband

In Which The Beans Discuss The TV Remote Control, Unnecessary Complexity Of Said

ZEN-DEN POLITELY EXPLAINED TO ME that I needed to re-frame my irritation.  That I had to let my mind embrace a new way of thinking about some of the little daily irritations that bug the snot out of me. 288 more words


Day 73: The real, deep-down you is the whole universe

I’m grateful for the opportunity to revisit boundaries. I’m grateful for the timely reminder for constant improvement.

I’m grateful for a completely ordinary but wonderful… 379 more words

Life And Times

Sunday Afternoon At The Nature Preserve: The Uneven Path Taken

On Sunday, for the first time in months, Zen-Den and I went to the Nature Preserve intending to wander around the flat easy path that connects the herb garden to the old farmhouse. 315 more words


Lots of Sad.

Last weekend I asked The Husband what he was thinking about the kid question. He said something like, he is getting more used to the idea of having kids…. 560 more words


I'm So Angry.

Not infrequently when The Husband and I talk about the kids question, he says that he feels like I’ll never be happy, never be satisfied. That when we were dating, I wanted to get engaged. 1,230 more words


Day 61: Hit the road, Jack

Things I love about working with VC:

  1. Being on our own time, bending weekends and weekdays to suit ourselves. The agility and ability to get up and go whenever a project demands it.
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Life And Times