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The Gandy Man

The husband has invested in some loungewear.

This is a big deal because:

a: the husband hates clothes shopping, least of all for something as insipid as loungewear. 938 more words


Not so Foul Fowl

Duck is good…no, very good! My husband hasn’t been much of a duck hunter since I’ve known him. A family friend convinced him to go hunting a couple of years ago early before work one day. 644 more words

Cooking With Wild Game

memory lane

First things first: I am a procrastinator. Side projects at home get pushed off because, I mean, why do stuff when I can nap? NAPS ABOVE ALL. 714 more words

The Husband

One Year Anniversary in Jacksonville

It has been one year since Carl, Zack and I flew out of Minnesota for good for the sunny skies of Florida. And I can honestly say that I am happier than I ever imagined that I would be living in Florida, especially since we had our hearts set on moving out west to Tucson. 646 more words

It's About Me

Us Two

It’s that time of year again!

12 years married today, and as happy and in love now as we were back then.

The Husband

Double the Fun!

Where have I been, you might be wondering? Well I’ve been busy doing the bare minimum in terms of productivity on all fronts: domestic, business, wife-ing, mothering, etc. 241 more words


What Carl Thinks About Me

Not to be outdone by the kids and in honor of our 33rd anniversary of meeting this week, Carl wanted to play too. This is his first time answering these question :). 522 more words

It's About Me