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KPI’s (Key performance indicators) for Parents...how to know you're nailing it

…many times I’m really unsure if i’ve achieved in a day all the things I’m supposed to do to be a good parent…cos the act of balancing so many different needs and wearing so many different hats is a tricky one, and sometimes you feel like you’ve gotta sacrifice something to accomplish another thing…it’s nice to know that there is a way to gauge how we’re performing in this challenging task of raising arrows…I so welcome the Husband’s wisdom in this…

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Give, Give, Give / Take, Take, Take

It’s Friday. Thank Goodness. Although I have things to accomplish this weekend I was hoping to do this week so I could relax this weekend, I’m still glad it’s the weekend. 919 more words

Lip smacking 

You know how babies smack their lips when they sleep?

My wife does that when she sleeps too. So adorable.

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Exploring St. Simons - Day Two

On Tuesday, we finally got our historic Trolley Tour and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Captain Rod (a native of the Chicago suburbs) was soooo entertaining and took us all over the entire island, sharing so many fun stories about the island’s history and pointing out places of interest. 409 more words

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Exploring St. Simons - Day One+

When Carl asked me about going up to Sea Island Resort from Sunday to Tuesday, I realized we had already scheduled a pool party with friends from church on Sunday. 341 more words

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Wednesday Grab Bag, On a Tuesday

Because that’s how my week is going already. I thought it was Wednesday. It is not. Go figure. Anywho, life’s been crazy, so let’s catch up, shall we? 802 more words

Sea Island Resort, Georgia

Last week, Carl asked me if I wanted to getaway for a few days to an expensive resort free of charge, thanks to the Jaguars. 201 more words

It's About Me