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Good Morning Gratitude

This morning I awoke early and found myself listening to my Dad bustle around the kitchen. Things were clanging almost as if he was stirring an empty metal pot with a spiked collar. 1,098 more words


In which I detail the kinds of assholery I've dealt with recently

Yesterday was a heavy day. My head felt burdened with worry, disappointment, helplessness. I went to sleep with thoughts of injustice, disenchantment, the many stories of struggle I read through the day, swirling in my brain. 2,654 more words

Life And Times

4 Weeks Postpartum - Feedings

As I mentioned before, I made the decision to bottle feed Cora and not breastfeed.  I have not had any moments of regretting this decision, even after my milk came in and dried up.   316 more words


Bringing Home Baby Cora

It was about 36 hours after I had Cora and I stood there in the hospital lobby with two other nurses, waiting for my Husband to pull the truck around.   427 more words


Turning 3, with You

There is no perfect way to start this anniversary post because each feels better than the last one.

When I first met you, I was very sure I am going to marry you and today, I have no idea from where I got that confidence. 341 more words

Carl's Memphis Trip

Last year we had just moved to Florida and Carl was overwhelmed with his new job so he never made it to Memphis to visit his parents. 247 more words

The Husband

Where I Almost Die

Our lawn service says we are late on a payment, but I paid it. I wrote the date that I sent it, the amount that I sent and the reference number on the bill, but it does not appear on our bank statement. 504 more words

Day To Day