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It's Been A While

I’m still here. I just haven’t really had much to say. I’ve been doing better, more content with the reality that we won’t have kids but still pretty irritated that The Husband can’t come down with an actual decision. 485 more words

The Husband

Day 141: We keep this love in a photograph

There are times in my life, when smack right in between being surrounded by people, having so much activity going on, loving the highs and silently tiding through the lows, putting on a big smile on my face — I feel incredibly lonely. 960 more words

Life And Times

Carl's 55th Birthday

Yesterday was Carl’s 55th Birthday so he celebrated by taking the day off of work and spending the day with the rest of us in St. 325 more words

The Husband

Third Port-of-Call: Cozumel, Mexico

Our final port-of-call was Cozumel, Mexico. After completing his scuba-diving certification right before our cruise, Carl was excited to find out that Cozumel is in the Top 10 scuba locations in the world. 240 more words

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Second Port-of-Call: Grand Cayman

During a previous family cruise that stopped in Grand Cayman, we were scheduled to take an excursion to Stingray City but due to a broken boat motor, it ended up being canceled and we never got to go. 190 more words

It's About Me

Day 130: Simple things

Postcard from Goa 8.

Aaaand. It’s done.

I suppose this ought to feel really good, but the darn thing took so much longer than anticipated, and had so many untoward delays, and the waiting has taken forever, that neither VC nor I knew what to feel when we were handed the key. 56 more words

Life And Times


Goodness me.  Where to start with today? It had beauty in so many different ways, shapes and forms.

Perhaps my beautiful bookends, having their wedding brunch. 180 more words

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