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How Are We Not At Odds?

After a long weekend of sadness, I spent most of Monday and Tuesday moping. The Husband noticed and kept asking what was wrong. The Vow of Silence isn’t martyrdom, and isn’t dishonesty, so I talked to him about it. 381 more words


The Future Is Open. And I am Not a Fan.

I really like to have plans. I don’t know if my brain will settle down once I have a plan; usually I seem to just skip right on over to the next thing in need of a plan and I don’t get any time to relish the plan I’ve just created. 450 more words


10 Truly Crazy Things I've Thought About Doing:

1. Buy a pair of newborn shoes just because I want to have them and they are tiny and cute.

2. Talk to The Moms about my change of heart. 210 more words


A God of Thunder - He's Not Silent

Post by the Husband

Psalms 29

29 Ascribe to the Lord, O heavenly beings,[a]
    ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.
2 Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; 1,133 more words


The road to nowhere leads to me

When we lived in town, we were only a few blocks away from my parents. It wasn’t uncommon for Mom, Dad or my sister to unexpectedly drop in for a visit. 736 more words

How All This Impacts My Marriage, Pt. 2

The communication horror is probably the biggest way in which my fencesitting impacts my marriage, but it’s not the only way. Something I’m still trying to understand is the loneliness it creates. 574 more words


How All This Impacts My Marriage, Pt. 1

If you couldn’t tell, it really puts a lot of stress on my relationship with The Husband. Sometimes a lot of stress, sometimes a little stress, sometimes I’m the only on who’s aware of the stress… but it is stress. 431 more words