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The Husband and Suicide.

I’m lying awake at 6am. I’ve had an hour and a half of sleep. The Husband and I had a Christmas party, he got too drunk, and he spent an hour (?) telling my younger sister he wishes he was dead. 272 more words


How Long Is Too Long?

So after The Husband and I had our rough night, the one discussed in my last post, I sent him a long email trying to explain better what I’m getting at. 403 more words

The Husband


I haven’t felt much like posting lately. Talked with some friends of ours… they are so confidently planning to have kids. I suddenly felt so sad again. 834 more words



I’m not talking about the little sweet treat that is ideal for snacking and has a knack for getting many to reminisce about there younger days, grandmothers or holidays. 1,258 more words

The Husband

Time with Friends

In addition to our time with family, we also enjoyed some time with friends. On Friday, Carl’s best friend from high school, Bobby, invited us to his brother’s house for their annual gingerbread house making contest. 320 more words

It's About Me

Time with Family

In addition to celebrating Karl’s birthday and Thanksgiving, we enjoyed just hanging out with the family in Memphis last week.

Ever the dutiful son (or dootyful, in this case…ha!), Carl installed new toilets in his parent’s house, replacing the 40-year old commodes with new, higher, sleeker thrones. 169 more words

It's About Me

Thanksgiving Down, Christmas to Go1

Thanksgiving wasn’t as rough as I anticipated!!! I didn’t get a horrible case of the sads, I didn’t mope around longing for the feel of a baby in my arms, I didn’t even really think about wanting kids until Thanksgiving was pretty well over. 536 more words