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Photos of Black Shelter Cats Help Them Find Their Forever Homes

There’s quite a bit of folklore associated with black cats, and it’s not necessarily working in their favor. Historically, some cultures have deemed these beautiful creatures bearers of bad luck. 192 more words

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Dogs Look Like Their Owners - It's A Scientific Fact

Go to any park, and you will see the strange phenomenon of the canine mini-me. Maybe it’s a bearded hipster, accompanied by a little bundle of fur that looks like it went to the same barber, or a pugnacious thug carrying a bulldog. 929 more words

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Top 10 Positions To Sleep With Your Human

Catass has created the following illustrations to help you recognize the typical issues you might experience when trying to get a good nights sleep with your pet! 26 more words

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Man Takes His Dogs on Special Adventures in Custom-Built Kayak

David Bahnson knows that adventures are extra fun when you have friends by your side, and who’s a better companion than man’s best friend? The retired orthopedic surgeon, whose leisurely escapades are of the kayaking variety, decided to build his own kayak using a kit from  247 more words

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Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads When We Talk to Them?

When we talk to dogs, sometimes they tilt their heads while looking at and listening to us. Why? What does this attentive behavior represent?

There are at least 2 possibilities. 203 more words

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