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Thaisa Godoy Jewelry

Today we feature some unique jewelry designs by Thaisa Godoy from Bauru, Brazil.

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Gerald Guerlais Illustrations

Today we feature illustrations by Gerald Guerlais from Paris, France.

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An Amusing Animation About What a Lonely Dog Does When His Human Leaves for the Day

For his art school final project, Belgian illustrator Pieter Vandenabeele created the award-winning “A Dogs Life“, a very amusing and somewhat poignant animation that shows what a rather lonely dog eager for attention does when his distracted human runs off to work everyday. 45 more words

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Bronze Dog Statues by Lena Toritch

Today we feature bronze dog statues by Lena Toritch from Salt Lake City, Utah. You can purchase your own custom made dog portrait statue from Young Fine Art Studio.

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Alex Konahin Illustrations

Today we feature some fine line illustrations by Alex Konahin from Riga, Latvia.

English Bulldog

German Shepherd

American Pit Bull Terrier

Alaskan Malamute

German Boxer

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Dentist's Office Hires Cutest Assistant To Help Patients Relax

Few experiences in life are more stress-inducing than a visit to the dentist’s office. But one ingenious clinic knows someone who’s capable of making otherwise anxious young patients actually enjoy coming in. 364 more words

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