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Do You Have an Anxious Dog? Try Calming Classical Music

Research shows that certain types of classical music can be calming.

Perhaps you rely on music to help get you through stressful or painful situations. Maybe you listen while running or working out, to give yourself an extra motivational push. 1,409 more words

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Universal cancels premiere, press events for A Dog’s Purpose

This is the best news ever, especially after seeing the sad and frightening video .. Click here to view the video if you’ve been hiding under a social media rock, and haven’t seen it yet. 158 more words

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Arun Moras Photography

Today we feature a few shots from freelance photographer Arun Moras from Mumbai, India.

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Pet Portraits by Amelia Suwandi

Today we feature digital pet portraits by Amelia Suwandi from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Stenciled Cats by C215 Prowl the Streets

As he travels the world with spray cans in hand, Parisian street artist C215 (previously) depicts what he describes as “things and people that society aims at keeping hidden.” Homeless people, street kids, smokers, and refugees are all muses for his unique brand of intricate stencil work that reduce his subject’s faces into sinewy outlines. 63 more words

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Sylvia Stølan Illustrations

Sylvia Stølan was born in Trondheim, Norway, and moved to the Netherlands to study illustration. After receiving her bachelor degree in visual communication she has worked as freelance artist/illustrator in the Netherlands for a couple of years before moving back to Norway.

(Via: Sweet Station)

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Thaisa Godoy Jewelry

Today we feature some unique jewelry designs by Thaisa Godoy from Bauru, Brazil.

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