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Dogscapes by Jörg Marx (Part 2)

Today we feature an update from German photographer Jörg Marx.  If you missed our original post, this series of photos features Jörg’s dog Benni set against a variety of stunning natural landscapes.  7 more words

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Infographic: The Most Dangerous Foods For Dogs And Their Side Effects

For dog lovers, although it may be hard to resist feeding the food you are eating to your pooch when it is giving you the puppy eyes, these are some food that are really dangerous for them. 49 more words

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Clean, Minimalist Illustrations Of Various Dog Breeds

Florence-based artist Laura Palumbo has created clean icon designs of various dog breeds, that show the simple differences in appearance between each breed.

(Via: Design Taxi)

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Illustrations by Al Power

Today we feature a collection of dog breed illustrations by Al Power from Dublin, Ireland.
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Newfoundland Dogs Help the Italian Coast Guard Save Lives

The Newfoundland dog breed has been nicknamed the lifeguard dog and with good reason. Aside from their intelligence and gentle disposition, these dogs are known for bravely saving swimmers in distress. 181 more words

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The Science Of Dogs And Why They Are Man’s Best Friend

According to a study, your dog is about as smart as a two-year-old child, and cares about it’s owner’s feeling by reacting to emotional sounds, such as crying and laughing, just like a human being. 36 more words

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